MUET MOMENTS: Sample reading test


Lesson 20

QUESTIONS 1-5 are based on the following passage.

Secret of restful slumber

It is  probably one of the most frequently asked questions. Does pain cause poor sleeping patterns or is it the other way around?

According to Robert Oexman, it works both ways. “People who suffer from pain won’t have a good night’s sleep because they keep tossing and turning. However, healthy people who are deprived of a good sleep will suffer from pain such as joint pain.”

Oexman, the director of United States-based Sleep To Live Institute, says millions of people who suffer from poor sleeping patterns will resort to medication. Unfortunately, many end up dependent on the drugs, which can, at times, lead to death.

Science has proven that deep, restorative sleep can help awaken one’s full potential. Sufficient quality sleep is essential. Concentration improves, memory gets better, and at a cellular level, your body repairs damage caused by stress throughout the day.

In other words, your body recharges and rejuvenates. Unfortunately, many people suffer from poor sleeping patterns due to various reasons such as pain and sleeping on hard and lumpy mattresses. Contrary to popular thinking, napping during the day for a long period of time is also unhealthy as you need to consolidate your sleep at night.

Although medication will help you sleep, it is only for the short-term. In the long term, you need cognitive behavioural therapy that looks at the various reasons why you cannot sleep. It can be the mattress, temperature, noise or light in your bedroom or even a snoring partner. If someone has lower back pain, then maybe they need to get a soft mattress. For ruptured discs, they may need surgery.


1. One negative _______________ of using medication to overcome poor sleeping patterns is that

patients will resort to medication is a dependence on such drugs.
A. perspective
B.  consequence
C. pre-requisite
D. symptom

2. Science has proven that deep, _______________ sleep can help awaken one’s full potential.
A. recuperative
B. long
C. disturbed
D. regular

3. The writer points out that it is _________ to have sufficient sleep to ensure improved
concentration, better memory and body damage repair.
A. unnecessary
B. imperative
C. recommended
D. possible

4. Napping during the day for a long period of time is also unhealthy as you need to consolidate your sleep at night. This is contrary to popular thinking that we should ___________________
during the day.

A. take short naps
B. take long naps
C. not nap
D. nap as often as possible In paragraph four, factors that can cause poor

sleep are
A. external
B. internal
C. both external and internal
D. behavioural

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