Giant panda


I am a giant panda. My skin is covered in black and white fur. I am famous for the black patches around my eyes. I have a short tail.

I have four legs, and I love to climb trees. I usually climb trees to find a place to sleep. An adult giant panda can be around 150cm long and weigh 90kg.

I’m from China. I love living in the bamboo forest in the mountains of western China. My favourite food is, of course, bamboo. Besides that, I also eat grass, roots and plants. It is estimated that I can chew more than 3500 stalks of bamboo in a day! I have large teeth, strong jaws and huge cheeks to help crush the hard bamboo stalks.

Baby pandas are very small when they are born. They only open their eyes after 40 days. When they are one month old, the black markings can be seen on their pinkish skin. They can only eat bamboos when they reach the age of seven months. At about 18 months, the baby panda weighs about 55kg and will soon leave its mother to live on its own.

Giant pandas are classified as endangered animals because the bamboo forest is being cleared for farming. Pandas are often left starving when the bamboo dies off. We are now protected by law. Now, China has centres for breeding us. The process is very slow and difficult, and the success is limited.

By Zehan Melissa Mikhail
12, Kuala Lumpur


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