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Shoes are your feet’s best friends. They always attract attention and are also a fashion statement to show off your personality.

When chosen properly, they can complement one’s outfit and bring an extra kick to it. Sneakers are particular favourites since they are comfortable to wear (much more so when compared to high heels) and are affordable at the same time.

With the sneaker industry growing and new designs added to stores every day, it’s so easy to find a pair that you just have to own. The choices are endless, and designers are getting increasingly creative with what they put out there, even creating barefoot sneakers.

Sneakers have their downsides too. Although they go well with a lot of things, they aren’t appropriate for everything. Wearing them to an important event could make people think that you aren’t serious or don’t care enough. Having smelly feet is another bad side effect to wearing sneakers for too long because they cover your feet completely. This, however, can be combated by wearing socks.

All things considered, it seems that the advantages of wearing sneakers far outweigh the disadvantages, so if you don’t have a pair yet, go out and grab some cool kicks!


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