Malaysia’s 13th General Election


BN leaders get extraordinary support in Pokok Sena- Shahlan

ALOR SETAR: Extraordinary support for Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders during meetings with the rakyat in the Pokok Sena constituency indicates that BN can wrest the Parliamentary constituency from the opposition in the 13th general election (GE13).

Potential BN candidate for the parliamentary constituency, Datuk Shahlan Ismail said the new wave of support for the BN was made possible due to the hard work put in by the Prime Minister who frequently helped to resolve the problems of the people and fulfilled all pledges made.

"Now we are embarking on a house-to-house visit and the response from the people of Pokok Sena has been outstanding.

"Now we are not only getting support from our permanent supporters but also from the fence-sitters. This gives a positive sign and considerable impact in the general election this time," he told reporters, here today.

On the PAS potential candidate, Datuk Mahfuz Omar who will be challenging him, Shahlan regarded it as a healthy democratic politics.

"We will continue to aid the poor people, provide the required facilities and listen to the pulse of the rakyat," he added. -- BERNAMA

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