Chilean judge investigates poet's alleged killer


SANTIAGO, Chile : Forty years after the death of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, a judge has issued an order for police to find the man who prosecutors allege may have poisoned him.

Neruda’s death was attributed at the time to prostate cancer but the case’s plaintiff lawyer, Eduardo Contreras, says there is new evidence showing he was likely murdered by agents of dictator Augusto Pinochet.   

Contreras said the doctor who originally testified that he was with Neruda at the time of his death in 1973 is now saying there was another doctor named Price with the poet.  

But Price did not appear in any of the hospital’s records as a treating doctor. Moreover his description matches Michael Townley, the CIA double agent who worked with Chilean secret police under Pinochet.    

Townley was taken into the U.S. witness protection program after admitting to killing prominent Pinochet critics in Washington and Buenos Aires.--AP

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