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10.36pm: Nearly 2,000 people from seven villages have moved to Embara Budi and Fajar Harapan in Felda Sahabat following the security forces expanding their hunt for the terrorists who intruded into Kampung Tanduo near here.

9.46pm: Security in Semporna and Tawau is under control and members of the public need not worry about their safety, said police.

9.36pm: Jamalul Kiram III, who is masquerading as the sultan of Sulu and whose followers have intruded into Sabah and killed Malaysian police personnel, cannot lay claim to the defunct title, according to a source familiar with the goings-on in the family.

9.22pm: Historians insisted that Sabah belongs to Malaysia and cannot be claimed by others as Sabahans had agreed to the formation of Malaysia in a referendum held by the Cobbold Commission in 1962.

8.48pm: Residents in affected districts praise offensive action by security forces
8.10pm: The armed intruders in Lahad Datu must halt their resistance against Malaysian security forces and surrender first in order for any possible negotiations to take place, said former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

8pm: IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar said shooting incidents between the security forces and terrorist groups were reported in three locations in the village of Tanjung Batu, Lahad Datu this afternoon as the security forces continued their sweeping and mopping operations in 'Op Daulat'.

7pm: Inspector Mohd Hasnal Jamil, one of the injured policemen in the gun battle with terrorists in Semporna, arrived at the KLIA on the way to Selayang Hospital.

6pm: FGV donates RM100,000 to families of fallen policemen

4.35pm: Defence minister  Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi showed photographs of bodies of 7 terrorists killed in yesterday's offensive in Kampung Tanduo in Lahad Datu. Body count so far is 13 but it could be more. Mop-up exercise is still on.

4.05pm: Several sightings reported of terrorists trying to escape the plantations in Lahad Datu.

3.26pm  Navy assault boat stopped a small boat that came close to shore not far from the Felda Residence in Lahad Datu.

3.20pm: Explosions heard in Tg Labian, Lahad Datu

2.49pm: The widow of the late Sarjan Abd Azis Sarikon who was killed during a shootout with the terrorists at Kampung Simunul in Semporna made a heart-felt plea for the intrusion to be ended soon.

2.18pm: Two men who walked out of a plantation near the entrance to Kampung Tanjung Labian were detained by the security forces at about 11.30am. A witness said the two men wearing t-shirt and short pants walked with their hands up towards a police barricade before being ordered to lay face down.

2.05pm:  Shooting continues in Kampung Tanduo as security forces conducted mopping up and searching operation.   At 1.30pm, New Straits Times was informed that there was exchange of fire between Malaysian security forces and intruders.   It is learnt that a team from the bomb squad, forensic, crime investigation department and army has been deployed to Kampung Tanduo since 10am.   New Straits Times was told that the team was sent to clear off the area.   At 6.45am, Malaysian troops shot one of the intruders after Sulu members opened fire. Police believed the Sulu member was killed.

1.50pm:  Injured special branch officer Insp Mohd Hasnal Jamil, who survived the Semporna shootout, wanted his colleagues to continue their work and to keep their spirits up.  When met at Tawau Hospital today, the Bukit Aman SB officer who has been with the police force for 10 years, said the risk took and dangers they faced are part and parcel of their job. "After what has happened, I am not afraid and I don't have phobias, or anything like that. 
"We (police) have been working 24 /7 ... So I want to say to my friends to not be afraid," he said. Mohd Hasnal, 31, who hails from Kedah, is expected to fly to Kuala Lumpur later today.

1.24pm: Four suspected terrorists were hauled up by cops at Kampung Airport. in Semporna at 12.15pmduring an operation following tip-offs received today. Three of the  in their 40s and 50s, were nabbed at a road leading to the village and inside two houses there.  The fourth men was caught while he was travelling in a rented unlicensed taxi heading towards the village.  One of the men had a M13 document claiming that he was Philippine refugee while another had methamphetamine in his pocket.  No weapon was found in their possession.  A police officer, who could not be quoted, said the operation was one of more than 20 raids they had conducted since Saturday's shootout at Kampung Simunul here. He said police received numerous tip offs and information from the public since the incident.  The raiding officers - clad in bullet proof vests and armed with M16 rifles and pistols, were seen cordoning the village area, which is about 500m away from Sri Wangsa army camp about 12.15pm.

12.05pm:  Police have cordoned off a house at Jalan Airport, near Kem Sri Wangsa, Semporna.   

11.50am: The Tawau police has assured the safety of the people in the district, adding that intensified monitoring at all areas continued to be done.

11.40am: People warned to be careful as Sulu terrorists are masquerading as village folks and Felda settlers to escape, says IGP

11: 25 am  Malaysian security forces have widened the 10km radius cordon in Kampung Tanduo, following detection of the terrorists' movement beyond the area. As of 6.45am today, one of the intruders was believed killed during exchange if fire. At a press briefing in Lahat Datu,  Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said the intruders opened fire at security forces forcing the ground team to retaliate.   No Malaysian personnel were injured or killed in the shoot out.

11.00 am More than 1000 people attend ASP Michael Padel's burial.

10.30 am:  When the people of Felda Sahabat here woke up to the roaring sound of jet fighters and bombings yesterday morning, this morning has been quiet, so far. An observation at the small town of Cendrawasih, some 10 kilometres from the shoreline showed villagers going about their usual business. At 8am, while some shops were still closed, the restaurants were not short of local customers who were joined by quite a number of outsiders. While most of them felt secure and were not too worried about the on-going attack on terrorists that had intruded their village, they expressed worry of a reprisal. "We are not worried about what's going on now because the hostile area has been cordoned off and the presence of security forces personnel is great. "Our worry is what's after this. When this is over, when everyone leaves, what if there is retaliation," a village head in his 50s told the New Straits Times at a coffeeshop here. At present, frequent navy patrols and an anchored navy ship can be seen from the beach-frontage media centre. Helicopters are also frequently passing through this area. The Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar is scheduled to give a press conference shortly, where reporters will ask him the "whats" and "where's: -"What security assurance you can give the villagers after this is all over" and "where are the dead terrorists' bodies".

6.45am: One of the intruders was believed killed during exchange if fire. intruders opened fire at security forces forcing the ground team to retaliate.   No Malaysian personnel were injured or killed in the shoot out.

Inspector Mohd Hasnal Jamil, one of the injured policemen in the gun battle with terrorists in Semporna, arrived at the KLIA on the way to Selayang Hospital.Pix by Fariz Iswadi Ismail


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