GE13 Results - Live updates


Here are the live updates of the 13th General election counting results as they come in from our team nationwide.

4.11am: PKR wins Subang parliament seat, making the final tally for Pakatan Rakyat at 89 seats to BN's 133 seats.


             Final score for Pakatan Rakyat - Pas (21), PKR (30) and DAP (38)


3.56pm: Pakatan Rakyat scoops Kapar Parliament seat through PKR, with latest tally at 88 seats. Only results for Subang yet to be released.


3.07am:  BN leading with 133 parliamentary seats while the Pakatan Rakyat trailing at 87 seats with Pas still at 21, PKR (28) and DAP (38). Only the results of two seats - Kapar and Subang have yet to be announced.


2.55am: BN's Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamad wins Pulai Parliamentary in Johor while Tengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid Tan Sri Tengku Hamid (BN) won the Kempas state seat.


2.47am: The latest tally shows BN getting 133 parliamentary seats, Pas (21), PKR (27), DAP (37)


2.44am: Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir says he will be sworn in as Kedah MB at Istana Anak Bukit today at 3.30pm.


2.30am:  Former New Straits Times journalist Datuk Joniston Bangkuai won the Kiulu state seat in Sabah with a slim victory.


2.21am: BN manages to get simple majority in Johor with 30 seats out of 56 contested. Pas gets 5, DAP 9.


2.15am:  Pakatan Rakyat wins simple majority in Selangor after getting 29 out of 56 seats contested. It still retains Penang and Kelantan which


                Still waiting for the results on Johor.


1.54am:  BN retains Sabah two-third majority after winning 43 out of the 66 seats contested.


1.41am:  PM promises to make full use of the given five years to fulfil their pledges and make sure the coalition will serve the rakyat.


               He says BN will reject political, racial racism and work towards a more moderate and accommodative approach.


               Najib promises a national reconciliation process to combat extremism and racism to ensure greater unity.


               He also appeals to everyone including the opposition to accept the results of the general election.



1.27am:  PM Najib thanks Malaysians for returning the mandate to BN once again.


1.20am:  Barisan Nasional retains Terengganu  after getting simple majority of 17 with just a 2-seat lead over the Pakatan coalition (Pas -14, PKR -1).


               To date,  BN retains has Perak, Kedah, Negri Sembilan, Malacca, Perlis, Sabah and Pahang.


                Pakatan Rakyat retains Penang and Selangor.


1.18am:  Official. BN's Dtk Nasrun Mansur wins Silam parliamentary seat with a 13,387 majority against PKR, Star and indie.


1.10am:  PKR's Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim retains his parliament seat in  Bandar Tun Razak with 11.832 seat majority over BN's Tan Kok Eng


1.02am:  BN retains hold on Perak with a simple majority with 30 seats against Pakatan Rakyat's 25 seats and wins back Kedah with 22 of the 36 state seats contested.


              BN also achieves simple majority in Negri Sembilan to form government  after clinching 21 out of 36 state seats as of 12.30am.



12.50am:  Official. BN wins 112 parliamentary seats, allowing it to gain simple majority to rule the country.


                 EC chairman Tan Sri Aziz Yusuf says as of 12.50pm, BN won 112 parlimantary seats while the Pakatan coalition won 56 seats with  Pas


                 winning 12, PKR (16) and DAP (28).



12.49am:  PM Najib Razak retained Pekan parliamentary seat with bigger majority of 35,613 votes


12.23am:   BN retains control in Pahang, Malacca and Perlis after gaining over two-third majority in state  by gaining two-third majority in state seats.


12.17am:  BN wins three parliamentary seats in Perlis - Padang Besar, Kangar and Arau.


12.14am: Official: Datuk Mustapa Mohamed (BN) won by the slimmest majority of 47 against Pas's Abdullah Yaakub for Air Lanas state seat in Kelantan.


12.10am:  Official. BN wins Masjid Tanah, Tangga Batu and Jasin parliamentary seats.


12.05am:  Official. BN retains Kemaman parliamentary seat with state seats in Kemasik, Kijal and Air Putih but loses Cukai to Pas.

                 BN retained Besut parliamentary seat after ex-Terengganu MB Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh secured 35,232 votes, giving him a 8,342 vote


                 Official: BN wins Sabak Bernam parliamentary seat. 

                 Official: PKR wins  Ampang and Bukit Antarabangsa parliamentary seats.


12.03am:  Barisan Nasional is leading with 72 parliament seats and opposition gets 35 as at 11.50pm

                 Official: BN wins Mersing, Tenggara, Pengerang and Pontian parliamentary seats.


11.57pm: Official: BN wins Muar, Sekijang, Parit Sulong and Sembrong parliamentary seats in Johor.      

                Pas wins Pengkalan Chepa parliamentary seat in Kelantan.


11.47pm:  Official : Pas wins Parit Buntar and Bukit Gantang parliamentary seats and DAP wins Taiping parliamentary seat.


11.45pm:  Pas deputy president Mohamad Sabu lost in the fight for Pendang Parliamentary seat in Kedah to BN's Datuk Othman Abdul.


11.42pm:  Unofficial TEMERLOH: PAS Nasrudin Hassan wrests BN parliamentary seat from Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah BN with majority of 1070


11.39pm:  Official:  PKR Rafizi Ramli polled 48183 votes to win Pandan with  26729 majority.


11.30pm:  - Official  - Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat , Nurrul Izzah gets 31,008. Raja Nong Chik 29,161 and Independent candidate  Rusli Baba 167. Majority 1,847.


11.35pm BN wins 11 state seats in Malacca as of 11pm. They are Sungai Udang, Kelebang, Pantai Kundor, Telok Mas, Sungai Rambai, Kuala Linggi, Rim,Merlimau, Bemban, Taboh Naning dan Lendu.    DAP maintains Kota Laksamana.   


11.30pm:  Official. BN wins  60 of the 85 parliamentary seats declared as of 11.30 pm. It wins 25 seats in Sarawak, seven in Johor, six in Pahang,

                 five in Perak, four in Sabah, three each in Kedah andT erengganu, two each in Kelantan and Kuala Lumpur; and one each in

                 Putrajaya,Labuan and Melaka.    

                 DAP wins 17 parliamentary seats, five each in Penang and Sarawak, four inPerak and three in Kuala Lumpur.    

                 PKR won four parliamentary seats, one each in Penang, Perak, Pahang and Sarawak.  

                 PAS won three parliamentary seats, two in Perak and one in Kedah.   


                 As of 11.15pm, BN won 101 state seats and opposition won 61 and Star secured one in Sabah - EC



11.28pm:  Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein retains Sembrong parliamentary seat with 22,841 against PKR's Non Abu Bakar 12,210. Majority 10,31.


11.23pm:  Official: BN's first state win in Penang through Pulau Betong's candidate Muhamad Farid Saad who beat PKR's Mohd Tuah Ismail.


11.18pm:  Karpal Singh - DAP wins Bukit Gelugor Parliamentary seat with 55,839 against BN's Pang Beng Yeam 14,061. Majority 4,1778. Spoilt 654.



11.13pm: Official - BN wins Parit, Simpang Renggam and Gerik parliamentary seat.  DAP wins Sibu and Kampar parliamentary seats.



11.11pm: Official tally from Bernama - BN - 38, Pas - 1, DAP- 13 PKR - 2


11.09pm: .  Lim Guan Eng wins Bagan Parliamentary seat with 46,466 against BN 's Chua Teik Siang 12,307 and PCM's  LIm Kim Chu 328 with majority 34,159. Spoilt votes 634


11.06pm:  Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim wins in Permatang Pauh with 37,090 against Mazlan Ismail (BN) 25,369 and independent Abdullah Zawawi Shamsudin (201) with majority 11,721. spoilt vote 672.


11.03:  Teng Chang Yeow resigned as state BN chairman and Gerakan sec-gen since Chinese voters in Penang have rejected BN, in particular Gerakan.



11.01pm:  Official - BN wins Parit parliamentary seat in Perak. DAP wins Sibu Parliamentary seat.



10.59:  Unofficial: BN's Datuk Lai Meng Chong wins Machap state seat in Alor Gajah with 152 votes.


            Unofficial: BN's Datuk Ab Wahab Ab Latip wins Durian Tunggal state seat in A. Gajah with 1,316 majority.



10.57pm: Bernama reports that Pakatan Rakyat retain control of Penang.

                Official: BN wins Gerik and Simpang Renggam parliamentary seats.



10.49pm. Official results. As of 10.30pm, Bernama reports  BN (32);  DAP (10); PKR (1)   


10.45pm:  BN wins Titiwangsa parliamentary seat, Ayer Hitam parliamentary seat in Johor,



10.40pm:  Official - BN wins Kota Tinggi Parliamentary seat, Kayangan state seat in Perlis, Panching state seat in Pahang.

                 Official - Pas wins Permatang Pasir in Penang and DAP wins Seri Delima and Bagan Dalam state seats in Penang





10.37pm: Official - BN wins Kelebang state seat in Malacca, Beseri state seat in Perlis.



10.34pm:  Official - BN wins Setiawangsa parliamentary seat, Mata Air state seat in Perlis and Tanjung Bidara in Malacca.



10.32pm:  Official - PKR wins Miri parliamentary seat. In Perak, DAP wins Tronoh state seat. In Kelantan, Pas wins Kemuning state seat.



10.30pm:  Unofficial - Pakatan Rakyat has two-third majority to form state government in Penang.


10.29pm:  Unofficial: BN retains Jerantut with a majority of more than 6000.


10.24:  Official.  BN wins  Bota in Perak,  Sungai Udang and  Tanjung Bidara in Malacca


            Official:   DAP wins P.122 Seputeh,  P.120 Bukit Bintang.



10.23pm: Official - Pas wins Kijang and Panchor state seats in Kelantan.


10.21pm: Unofficial: Perak BN already won 21 of 59 state seats. Counting still on going 


10.17pm:  In Johor, unofficial results - PKR wins in Batu Pahat parliamentary seat, DAP wins Penggaram state seat, BN wins Senggarang state seat, Pas wins Rengit.



10.12pm:  Official - In Sarawak - BN wins Petra Jaya, Santubong, Hulu Rajang, Mambong. DAP wins Stampin.


10.09: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib arrives at Menara Datuk Onn, PWTC at 9.42pm to visit the BN ops centre. He is slated to hold a Press conference after the official results announced by EC.



10.07pm:  Unofficial: Perak BN already won 21 of 59 state seats. Counting still on going


                 Official: Datuk Fadillah Yusof from BN gets Petra Jaya in Sarawak with a 21,443 majority



10pm:  Bernama reports that BN (25); DAP (6)    


10pm:  Unofficial for Pengerang state seat. Datuk Seri Azalina 30,699, PKR's Dayang Ku Intan 3,820 and independent candidate 605


9.59pm:  Official: Cameron Highlands -  Palanivel ( 9,003) Manogaran (8,923).


9.56pm:  Unofficial TEMERLOH: Datuk Saifuddin takes the lead now. BN 13,416,  PAS 13,140


9.55pm:  unofficial: BN wins the Alor Gajah parliamentary seat and all five state seats under the constituency.


9.54pm:  PKR still leading with 8901, followed by BN 7023 and Indie 57. Another 15 PDM to go in Lembah Pantai..


9.52pm:  Official Result - BN wins P216 Hulu Rajang.



9.43pm:  Unofficial 4 Pandan P100: PKR Rafizi Ramli's leading with a whopping 10,173 votes now; closest contender BN Gary Lim's at 9710



9.42pm:  BN Tan Sri Isa Samad leads with 8,945 votes for Jempol parliamentary seat, followed closely by Pas Wan Aisha Wan Ariffin with 7,828 votes



9.40pm:  Official - EC declares BN wins 23 parliamentary seats - 21 in Sarawak, one each in Putrajaya and Labuan.

                              DAP won four seats - three parliamentary seats in Sarawak and one in Kuala Lumpur



9.39pm:  Unofficial N17 Bkt Tengah IND Mohan Apparoo - 71 PKR Ong Chin Wen - 4,319 BN Teng Chang Yeow - 1,307



9.37pm:  Unofficial JERANTUT: BN retains Tahan state seat with a majority of 1160


9.36pm:  Unofficial  BN N. Gobalakrishnan - 1,647 DAP Kasthuriraani Patto - 6,716 PCM Huan Cheng Guan - 211



9.35pm:  Official:  P.114 Kepong - DAP wins



9.32pm:  Unofficial: Latest standing - BN 72 parliamentary seats, DAP 6, PKR 7, Ind 1, Pas 1 and Star 1



9.30pm:  Official Result - BN wins P125 Putrajaya.  BN Tengku Adnan retained Putrajaya with 9,943 votes while Husam Musa from Pas gets 4,402 votes. There are 73 spoilt votes



9.29pm:  Unofficial: BN wins Temerloh parliamentary seat, loses Ampang


9.27pm:  BN newcomer Rozman Isli won Labuan parliamentary seat with 12,694 votes against Tan Sri Ibrahim Menudin of PKR and Hadnan Mohamad of Pas


9.25pm:  EC says BN wins 12 parliamentary seats , all in Sarawak, - Mas Gading, Batang Lupar, Betong, Igan, Kanowit, Mukah, Lawas,Serian, Baram, Lubok Antu, Kapit and Limbang.



9.21pm:  Official - Penang N.28 Komtar - DAP wins


                Official - Penang N.26 Padang Kota - DAP wins


                Official SARAWAK P.218 - Sibuti  - BN wins



9.17pm:  BN newcomer Rozman Isli won Labuan parliamentary seat with 12,694 votes against Tan Sri Ibrahim Menudin of PKR and Hadnan Mohamad of Pas



9.09pm:  Datuk Noriah Kasnon (BN) and Mohamed Salleh M Husin (Pas) tied at 3,353 votes each for Sg Besar.



9.08pm: unofficial N17 Bkt Tengah IND Mohan Apparoo - 21 PKR Ong Chin Wen - 1,626 BN Teng Chang Yeow - 619



9.07pm:  Official: BN candidate Datuk Wan Rosdy (Jelai state seat candidate) says he has won


9.06pm:  Unofficial: Tian Chua of PKR retained Batu parliamentary seat


                Unofficial: BN wins Jelebu, Tampin and Jempol



9.05pm:  Unofficial: BN loses Miri parliamentary seat



9.03pm:  Unofficial: Palanivel- 6,230 Manogaran 4,800++ for Cameron seat.


               Unofficial: BN wins Besut and Johor Baru parliamentary seats


              Unofficial P093 Sg Besar: Mohamed Salleh M Husin (Pas) - 3,303. Noriah Kasnon (BN) - 3,121


              Unofficial N17 Bkt Tengah IND Mohan Apparoo - 18 PKR Ong Chin Wen - 1,135 BN Teng Chang Yeow - 531





9pm:  Unofficial for N21 Chempaka: Pas lead has reached 1696: BN(Muhammad Faizal Sufar)=4818; Pas(Iskandar Abd Samad)=6514 



          Unofficial N18 Bkt Tambun PKR Law Choo Kiang - 327 IND Loganathan A/L Ayyaru -5 BN Lai Chew Hock - 294



         : Unofficial: Tian Chua of PKR retained Batu parliamentary seat



9pm:   Unofficial - BN wins 43 parliamentary seats, opposition gets five seats




8.57pm:   Unofficial: BN wins Jelebu, Tampin and Jempol


                Unofficial: BN wins in Cameron Highlands, Lipis and Hulu Terengganu but loses Sungai Petani


                Unofficial: Gelang Patah state seat Lim Kit Siang 11,976 : Ghani 9,221



8.56pm:  Unofficial: BN wins Besut and Johor Baru parliamentary seats



8.55pm:  Unofficial: TEMERLOH: Datuk Saifuddin (Bn) still retains his lead over Nasrudin Hassan (PAS) by a majority of 781 votes


               Unofficial for Pandan P100: PKR's lead breached 5k mark. BN(Gary Lim)= 5939; Indie(Allan Tan)=508; PKR(Rafizi Ramli)=10972



8.54pm:  Unofficial: BN wins in Cameron Highlands, Lipis and Hulu Terengganu but loses Sungai Petani



8.53pm:  Unofficial: BN wins Mersing, Tenggara, Kota Tinggi, Bukit Katil, Tangga Batu, Masjid Tanah and Jasin


               Unofficial BERA: PKR 6634 BN 4529 Independent 182. 3 more channels to be counted


              Unofficial, still counting. N17 Bkt Tengah IND Mohan Apparoo - 9 PKR Ong Chin Wen - 655 BN Teng Chang Yeow - 449



8.51pm:  Unnofficial JERANTUT: BN 4331 PAS 3111


               Unofficial results: Hulu bernam state seat candidate Rosni Sohar leading.


               Unofficial for N22 Teratai: DAP leading with 3240 votes now.



8.49pm:  Unofficial: BN lose all 4 seats contested in Gombak


               Unofficial: Tanah Rata polling centre sees Palanivel (842) and Manogaran (817), according to EC counting agent


8.48pm:  Unofficial: BN wins Mersing, Tenggara, Kota Tinggi, Bukit Katil, Tangga Batu, Masjid Tanah and Jasin


8.46pm:  Unofficial results : N07 Batang Kali state seat candidate Nadzari Mokhtar leading and Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir is leading in race for Ayer Hitam state seat in Kedah


8.45pm:  Unofficial results: Kuala Kubu baru: DAP candidate lee Kee hiong leading.


8.44pm:  Unofficial: BN wins Pagoh, Ledang, Parit Sulong, Ayer Itam, Sri Gading and Sembrong parliamentary seats



8.43pm:  Unofficial in Lembah Pantai: PKR is leading 5299, Independent 21, BN 3715 after counting early votes, postal votes, smk bukit bandaraya & sk bukit bandaraya.



8.41pm:  Unofficial for Pandan P100: PKR's lead is now 4933. BN(Gary Lim)= 5117; Indie(Allan Tan)=500; PKR(Rafizi Ramli)=10050


8.41pm:  Unofficial: BN wins Langkawi, Jerlun, Kubang Pasu, Padang Terap and Merbok parliamentary seats. 


               Unofficial BN wins Pagoh, Ledang.


8.38pm: Official: BN wins 13 parliamentary seats in Sarawak.



8.37pm:  Unofficial: BN loses Wangsa Maju parliamentary seat.


              Unofficial in Besut parliament,  Idris Jusoh lead 8375 to Pas Riduan Nor 6845



8.33pm:  Unofficial  Likas state seat, Dap's Wong Hong Jun is leading


               Unofficial in Pandan P100: PKR's lead has leapt to 3490 now. BN(Gary Lim)= 3681; Indie(Allan Tan)=360; PKR(Rafizi Ramli)=7171


              Unofficial: Palanivel leading by 3,000 votes.



8.32pm:  TEMERLOH: Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah (BN) leading at 4,484 to PAS Nasrudin Hassan - 3478 votes


8.30pm:  Official: Gerakan's Datuk Ho says he has lost the election race. Says DAP's Leong Ngah Ngah is winning. 


               In Gelang Patah, still counting - Lim Kit Siang 10,889 : Ghani 8,557


8.28pm:  Official: BN won eight parliamentary seats in Sarawak. They are Gading, Kapit, Lawas, Batang Lupar, Betong, Igan, Mukah and Kanowit.


8.26pm: Official: BN wins Betong parliamentary seat


8.24pm:  Unofficial TEMERLOH: BN 3834 PAS 2755 


8.21pm:  Unofficial: BN wins Mukah parliamentary seat and Betong parliamentary seat P204 in Sarawak.


8.18pm:  Unofficial: BN wins Mukah parliamentary seat, and leading in Kuala Selangor and Hulu Selangor.


8.17pm:  Unofficial: PKR is leading in Wangsa Maju


8.12pm:  Unofficial Raja Nong Chik of BN won in Lembah Pantai.  


                Unofficial BN wins Pulai parliamentary seat, and in Bera, PKR leading by 2624 BN: 2075 Independent: 141


8.11pm:  Unofficial for N21 Chempaka: Pas still leading, by 997 votes: BN(Muhammad Faizal Sufar)=1883; Pas(Iskandar Abd Samad)=2880


8.09pm:  Unofficial: BN wins Kulim-Bandar Baru parliament seat


8.07pm:     Limbang, BN candidate Hasbi Habibollah defends seat with 13,002 votes, defeats PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian with 8,304 majority.


8.04pm :  BENTONG: Early votes, BN's candidate in Bilut has secured 987 votes while DAP at 240 


               Currently at gelang patah 7.59pm, LKS 9,266 : Ghani 7,374 


8.01pm:  Unofficial: Datuk Harun Din of Pas trailing BN candidate Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim in Arau


7.58:    Unofficial. Hadi Awang wins Marang state seat but lost the parliamentary seat


             :  Postal votes: BN Shabery Cheek gets 502 votes while PKR Kamarudin Chik 106


7.56pm:  Unofficial: BN leads at Kuala Pilah parliamentary seats and all its state seats - Juasseh, Seri Menanti, Pilah, Senaling and Johol


7.52pm:  Unofficial for Pandan P100: PKR still leading... BN(Gary Lim)=1137; Indie(Allan Tan)=93; PKR(Rafizi Ramli)=2092 


             :  Currently at gelang patah 7.47pm, LKS is leading at 7,012 : Ghani 5,881


7.47pm:  Unofficial: BN's Datuk Tan Lian Hoe ahead of DAP's Nga Kor Ming for Taiping parliamentary seat


7.45pm: Unofficial for N22 Teratai: BN (Ben Liew) =265; Independent  (Jenice Lee)=83;  DAP(Tiew Way Keng) =854,  Independent (KKChin) =4       Independent (Lim Ah Chai) =2


7.44pm: Unofficial: BN leading in almost all state and parliament seats in Malacca, 19 seats in Kedah


7.42pm:  Unofficial: BN wins in Putrajaya


7.41pm: Unofficial for N21 Chempaka: BN(Muhammad Faizal Sufar)=558; Pas(Iskandar Abd Samad)=489


7.38pm:  Unofficial: Raja Nong Chik leading with 40,763 votes vs Nurul Izzah with 15,943. Another 15k votes to go.


7.35pm : Unofficial: BN leading with 2,949 in Tampin while Pas trailing with 607 votes


              : Unofficial: BN leading in Shah Alam


             : Unofficial for N22 Teratai: Postal votes + Police & spouse votes: BN(Ben Liew)=106; Ind(Jenice Lee)=5, DAP(Tiew Way Keng)=51


7.33pm :  Unofficial: BN wins in Setiawangsa and Titiwangsawa


7.31pm: Unofficial BN wins in Kudat, Kota Belud, Papar, Kimanis, Sipitang, Kota Marudu, Ranau, Beluran, Kinabatangan, Silam, Semporna & Kalabakan


7.23pm :  Currently at Gelang Patah , Ghani 3,795, Lim Kit Siang 3,745 :


             : Unofficial: BN wins Rompin parliamentary seat


             : Unofficial: BN candidate for Tioman, Datuk Capt (rtd)Johari Hussein leads the race.



7.10pm:  Unofficial: BN is leading in Pekan with the coalition securing higher votes at three polling districts in Bebar.


7pm:  Unofficial for Pandan P100: Postal votes + Police&spouse votes: BN (Gary Lim)=262; PKR (Rafizi Ramli)=166; Indie(Allan Tan)=5


          : unofficial for Gelang Patah: : Ghani 2,872 votes, Lim Kit Siang 2,469 votes.


          :   unofficial Lembah Pantai early voting results showed Raja Nong Chik leading with 1794, Nurul Izzah 76 and Rusli Baba 1


            : Unofficial: BN wins in Kudat, Kota Belud, Papar, Kimanis, Sipitang, Kota Marudu, Ranau, Beluran, Kinabatangan, Silam, Semporna & Kalabakan


            : Unofficial: BN leads in Betong, Mambong, Labuan, Santubong, Petra Jaya, Kota Samarahan and Serian


             : Unofficial: BN leads in Hulu Rajang, Baram, Batang Lupas, Lubuk Antu, Limbang, Julau, Tanjung Manis, Igan, Sri Aman, Saratok, Selangau


              : Advance voting for Putrajaya gives BN candidate Tengku Adnan a 620-vote lead, Pas candidate Datuk Husam Musa gets 28 with four spoilt votes


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