Malaysia’s 13th General Election


Hadi Awang insists man in sex video is not Mustafa Ali

KOTA SAMARAHAN: PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang insisted that Mustafa Ali was not involved in the sex video recording spread in the internet.


He said he did not believe the PAS secretary-general was capable of doing the video act because for the past few years, Mustafa Ali performed his prayers while sitting down.
"Those who made the recording were not aware that for the past few years Mustafa Ali performed his prayers while sitting on a chair because his knees were aching...even going down the stairs was painful (for him)...go an find someone strong and not like what was shown in the recording," he said.
He disclosed this to reporters when asked to comment on the sex video issue concerning a man who is said to look like the PAS secretary-general, here today.
Meanwhile, reporters who attended the coverage on the announcement of PAS candidates for the 13th general election (GE13) were required to register their presence and had to undergo another check before being allowed to enter the PAS office in Kota Samarahan. - BERNAMA
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