Malaysia’s 13th General Election


Hazmi aware faces uphill task to wrestle back Beserah seat

KUANTAN: Newly-picked Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Datuk Hazmi Yusuf is aware that he faces an uphill task to wrestle back the Beserah state seat from the opposition.

However, the Indera Mahkota Umno divisional is confident  of winning as he said he had been serving the people.
Hazmi claimed that Pas elected representative, Syed Mo hammed Tuan Lonnik, had failed to look into the needs of the  voters in the area.

"I am aware that some residents have been misled by the  Lynas rare earth plant issues and I have been making door- to-door visit to explain the truth about the plant," said  Hazmi.

In 2008, former Indera Mahkota Umno divisional chief  Datuk Faisal Abdullah lost to Syed Mohammed.
Maran Puteri Umno chief, Nurhidayah Mohamad Sha haimi, said she was surprised to be chosen to replace  incumbent Datuk Ahmad Munawar Abdul Jalil for the Luit  state seat.

"I heard the rumours before but anything can happen in  the last minute. I believe my active involvement in Puteri  Umno programmes give me the advantage to win over the  voters’ hearts," said the 30-year-old Syariah Law degree  holder.
Prime Minister's political secretary Datuk Suffian Awang  said he would bring more development to Kuantan and turn  it into a city.

"Although Lynas should no longer be an issue, I will set up  a committee to help allay the people's fear," said Suffian who  is confident that the growing support from the voters here  would help him topple Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s candidate,  Fuziah Salleh.

Meanwhile, Jerantut Umno information chief Ahmad Nazlan Idris said he was ready to fill in the shoes of Tan Sri  Tengku Azlan Sultan Abu Bakar as the Jerantut member of  parliament.

The 55-year-old "Cikgu Nazlan” said his experience as an  educator had made him fully understood the people's needs  better.

"It is going to be a big challenge to contest in Jerantut but  I have my own strategy to woo voters," said Nazlan, who was  the headmaster at several schools, including SK Gusai in Ulu  Tembeling and SK Perian in Pulau Tawar.

They are among the 13 new faces for parliamentary and  state seats in the state.

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