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Husam: No need to probe video purportedly featuring Pas leader

PUTRAJAYA: Despite its moralist outlook Pas vice president Datuk Husam Musa said the party does not need to probe the video which purportedly featured an influential Pas leader.

Quick to suggest that the video, depicting the alleged leader and a woman in a hotel room, was doctored by political enemies, Husam said the onus to verify the truth fell on the hands of the authorities.

"Why does Pas need to investigate? The government needs to investigate" he told a press conference at a hotel here, yesterday.

"Even if was true, according to Islam you cannot expose (such acts) , and humiliate other people."

"And the parties that allowed this to happen are the ones who will be rejected by the Rakyat,"  he said, adding that based on his rounds over the past three years, the people were fed up with politics of deceit and insult.

Husam said the party's disciplinary committee would not take this matter up.

He also queried why such a video surfaced during this period, after parliament was dissolved.

 "This shows that the screening of the video was politically motivated." he said.

 Meanwhile, in a short response to party organ Harakah daily, Pas secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali said he would not answer any queries regarding the matter.

 “I have submitted everything to my lawyer, Awi & Co, to take the next course of action,” he said.


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