Malaysia’s 13th General Election


Monday May 6 a public holiday for Selangor folk

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor government has declared Monday, May 6, as a public holiday to facilitate voting for Selangor citizens this Sunday.

In a press statement released today, Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said the public holiday was given to make it easier for Selangor citizens to carry out their responsibility to vote.

He explained that the public holiday declaration is in line with Section 9 of the Holidays Act 1951 which grants state governments the power to fix a day to be a public holiday.

"The state government hopes that this holiday will be used by voters to return to their voting locations and they do not have to rush back to work the next day.

"Your vote will determine the fate of the future generations, please vote wisely," he said in the statement.

He added that the Selangor state government was committed in ensuring a continued transparent, responsible and clean government in Selangor with the support of Selangor residents.

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