Malaysia’s 13th General Election


Najib: 33pc parliamentary, 49pc state GE13 candidates are new faces

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak describes the Barisan Nasional line-up for the general election as the Team for Transformation with new faces making up 33pc of candidates for parliamentary seats and 49pc for state seats.

Najib who earlier gave the letter of authorisation to BN component leaders and state election directors at the coalition's headquarters at Putra World Trade Centre today, added  that the new faces are to fulfill voters' wishes and to reflect Umno and BN's transformation agenda.

According to Najib, there will be fair representation of women and young candidates in the BN line-up.

PM said all state BN chiefs will announce their candidates for the general election  tomorrow.

Najib said the BN candidates list is final and hopes it does not require any changes.

Najib described his lineup for GE13 as the 'Team for Transformation'

He also hinted that some ministers and MBs will be replaced, adding new faces include professionals, academicians and religious scholars.

Of the parliamentary candidates, 91 percent comprised those who possess diplomas and above, with 31 percent professionals including university professors, doctors, lawyers, ulamas and government officers.

However, he said the exact details on the line-up would only be revealed tomorrow.

"The BN candidate list is final and does not require any changes," he said.

He also reminded those who were selected, to do their best for the party, and advised those who were not picked up, to keep the faith in the party.

"To those who are not listed, it does not mean they had failed or are in the wrong, or there is a 'kepincangan' (errors) as it is because they had to give way since the community and the voters wanted a change."

"We thanked the elected representatives and we appreciated their services to the government," he said.








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