Malaysia’s 13th General Election


PKR Malacca candidates

MALACCA: The state's Parti Keadilan Rakyat branch announced its line up of 10 candidates - three for Parliamentary seats and seven for state assembly seats, earlier today.

Six of the candidates are fresh faces.

However, despite PKR's image that was dubbed as a political party for the younger generation, none of its new candidates to contest in the state are from the youth category. The youngest was a 44-year-old livestock businessman.

This is the list of the candidates:

New faces - Retired teacher Rahim Ali, 67, (Tangga Batu parliamentary seat); engineer Ir Rahmat Yusof, 55, (Jasin parliamentary seat); livestock businessman Halim

Bachik, 44, (Ayer Limau state seat); former lecturer Assoc. Prof. Rusnah Aluai, 51, (Rembia state seat); state PKR vice chairman G. Rajandran, 51, (Gadek state seat); and former army commando and non-governmental organisation Pahlawan president Asri Buang, 58, (Sungai Udang state seat).

Old faces - The Bukit Katil parliamentary seat will be contested by state PKR chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, 38; former state Counselling Unit chief Taha Ahmad, 62, (Paya Rumput state seat); Ginie Lim Siew Lin, 32, (Machap state seat); and mechanical and electrical consultant Azmi Khamis, 49, (Rim state seat).

Shamsul Iskandar, who made the announcement at state PKR headquarters in Bukit Piatu here, when asked about the ages of the candidates said that PKR had planned a strategy for its composition of candidates nationwide.

He said the party had planned for a balance in the number of young, the veterans and women candidates - with 25 per cent from the youth group.

On the party's target in Malacca, Shamsul said they are confident to win at least two parliamentary seats and five state seats in the 13th general election.

With this announcement, the Pakatan Rakyat coalition in Malacca has announced all of its candidates which will be contesting this May 5.

PKR will contest the most parliamentary seats with three, while DAP (2) and Pas (1).

The composition of state seats are PKR (7), DAP (8) while Pas has the most with 13.

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