Suthep threatens to shut down Bangkok on election day


BANGKOK: Suthep Thaugsuban, the leader of the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), raises the stake in an attempt to eliminate the influence of Thaksin Shinawatra's family in the government by threatening to shut down Bangkok on election day.

  "I believe the Bangkok people will not be able to go out and vote in the general election on Feb 2, because I will shut down Bangkok.

Shutting down Bangkok is not to discourage the election but to oust Yingluck Shinawatra," he said in front of his supporters at the Thai-Japanese Stadium (Dindaeng) this afternoon.  

 "This is just a movie trailer," he said on the ongoing move to block the registration of candidates for the election which began yesterday.    

He said what the PDRC members did yesterday and today through demonstration at the Thai-Japanese Youth Stadium (Dindaeng) and also at the Dindaeng police station, was to protest against the party-list system registration for the coming general election on Feb 2.  

 "This is just to show the election commission and the government that it will not be a smooth election if the people disagree on it.  

"We are not interrupting the election but we are protesting the election that we don't agree with," he said, in a message directed at the government andthe Election Comission.    

He made those remarks before marching back to the PDRC main rally site at the Democracy Monument, Ratchadamnoen Avenue, here, this afternoon.    

Yingluck's Thai Party managed to register its candidates yesterday and Yingluck, who is currently the caretaker prime minister, is at the head of the list of the party's candidates.  

 The party is favourite to win the elecion and if that happens, Yingluckis set to be nominated as prime minister again, and it also defeats the main objective of the months of protest headed by Suthep who wants to eliminate the Shinawatra family's influence in the government.  

Suthep, a former deputy premier when the opposition Democrat Party ruled the country a few years ago, is expected to continue the move to make it hard for political parties to register their candidates.    

Friday, Dec 27, is the last day to register candidates for the general election.  -- BERNAMA

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