Use National Blue Ocean Strategy in work


PUTRAJAYA: Public servants have been urged to practice the National Blue Ocean Strategy approach when carrying out their work to increase their productivity.

Chief Secretary to the Government Datuk Seri Dr Ali  Hamsa, addressing a 500 crowd at the meet and greet session  with the Putrajaya community yesterday, Ali said that the  approach would make their tasks easier and he urged the  authorities to also include the strategy when organising  programmes.

  "The authorities such as Putrajaya Corporation (Ppj), the  resident associations and the non-governmental associations  must carry out the strategy when conducting community  programmes such as the My Beautiful Malaysia Day pro gramme.

  "They must also maximise the usage of the facilities  available such as the multipurpose halls, sport complexes,  recreation parks and mosques in Putrajaya, so it would bring  about minimum costs but maximum impact," he said.
  The NBOS was introduced in 2011, to inculcate creativity,  innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking in coming up with  methods to help and enhance the people's lifestyle with  minimum costs.

   Ali said the government has proved their commitment to  their promises with initiatives such as the Government  Transformation Programme (GTP), Economic Transforma tion Programme (GTP), Political Transformation Programme  and the NBOS.

  He said the people must continue to show support to the  government by also committing to the various initiatives that  has been established.

  Citing the My Beautiful Malaysia Day programme as an  example, Ali said it was a new Social Transformation Pro gramme to complete the National Transformation Policy and  should be encouraged among the people.
  He said these kind of programmes was intended to further  spur the spirit of volunteerism among the youth, he said.

  "Let us instill the spirit of volunteerism and patriotism in  our children for the sake of building the nation, to realise  Vision 2020 and to mould our country's status and de velopment," he said. 

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