Water park says leptospirosis FB post ‘slanderous’


SHAH ALAM: The Petaling Health Department has taken samples of water from the Wet World Water Park Shah Alam for tests in the wake of alleged deaths of children infec ted by leptospirosis after visiting the theme park.

Timothy Lee, deputy general  manager of Only World  Group,  the  company managing the theme park,  said yes terday they were awaiting a  official report from the de partment before commenting further.

The theme park had come under  the spotlight after a  Facebook userposting  claimed that three children died after   suf fering from the water borne disease.

Lee said they had lodged a police report  over the matter  and they would not hesitate to take  legal action against any  individual  who made such false claims.

“We found no basis for the claim.  So far, none of the family  members  had come forward to see us. I have  also tried to  contact the individual  on Facebook but failed as the ac count  was no longer active.” he said.

He added that it was a slanderous  claim to tarnish the  company’s  reputation and to stop visitors from  coming  tovisiting the theme park for recreation.

A Facebook account belonging to a  “Fasya Mansor” had  claimed that a  daughter of her friend had died last  week after  being attacked by the virus  following a visit to the theme  park.

Apart from advising the public against visiting the theme  park, the individual also claimed that several days after the  first incident, two more of her friends’ daughters had died  due to similar circumstances.

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