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New burn for a new you


Fitology claims to deliver fitness without fatigue. Intrigued, Tengku Nor Azah gives it a go

IT is rare to find a place where one can work out and still be pampered. Fitology is an innovative fitness centre that offers what it dubs as “fitness without fatigue”. Quite simply, it incorporates four key components to good health:

Exercise, Detoxification, Nourishment and Sports Therapy under one roof.

It is highly personalised and can be tailored to a client’s goals and objectives. It will appeal to busy executives and mothers who prefer flexible hours to exercise, people who do not want to exercise, and retirees who want to improve their quality of life.

It also claims to be able to whip people into shape for a target goal, such as weddings or beach holidays.

With the “burn more, do less and be better” maxim, its Fitology 360 is 30 minutes moderate exercise, 30 minutes detox in a Far Infrared sauna, and a nourishment session, where lost nutrients will be replenished with a smoothie. The second hour is dedicated to sports therapy.

First-timers will have to fill in forms on personal details, including medical and health history. The 360 workout begins with a few minutes on the Arc Trainer.

It is comparable to elliptical machines but Arc Trainer’s foot plates move in an arc instead of in an ellipse pattern. It requires less movement and allows less stress in the knees and hips while increasing cardiovascular endurance.

The Water Rower is my personal favourite. I’ve been intrigued by the rowing machine and looking forward to trying it. It’s a high-intensity cardio workout that is low-impact and friendly to the joints. The patented FlyWheel (rotating mass of water) is designed to emulate the exact dynamics of a boat moving through water. You simply row harder to change the resistance. You can watch the water in front of you swishing inside the FlyWheel making swooshing zen-like sounds.

Next is the Jacobs Ladder, a cardio machine that places users at a 40-degree angle in order to take stress away from the lower back.

Like the Water Rower, Jacobs Ladder is self-powered, so the faster you go, the faster it goes and the higher you climb. To maintain your position, you will have to pace yourself evenly.

The last workout is on the Marpo Rope Trainer, which simulates actual rope climbing. It targets the entire body, allowing exercises in sitting, kneeling or standing positions.

The whole set is repeated with longer sessions on each machine. You're also encouraged to drink as much water as you need.

After the active burn phase, the passive burn phase will begin in the FIR sauna. One can burn between 400 and 600 calories in a 30-minute session of FIR sauna.

Unlike the conventional saunas, which pull sweat out of the body, Far Infrared energy penetrates up to 7.6cm into the body and pushes sweat out of the body.

As the body is heated from the inside out, it forces toxins under the skin out. Despite operating at a lower temperature than traditional sauna, you will typically perspire far more in infrared sauna because the infrared energy penetrates your body at a much deeper level.

The therapy is excellent for detox and helps your body to reject toxins that have accumulated throughout the body. The FIR heat also aids in breaking down cellulite — a major concern among women.

Though there are magazines and users are allowed to bring in electronic devices into the sauna, I find reading in the sauna uncomfortable and I get out for a few seconds to keep my blackberry in my gym bag as I feel it getting hot. I end up sitting in the sauna and enjoying the music instead.

Right on time, a Fitology staff knocks on the door and presents me with a glass of smoothie.

This is the third part of the Fitology 360 process, the nourishment.

After finishing the refreshing smoothie, a masseuse enters to start the sports therapy, which is the final part of the programme.

Fitology employs two sports massage therapists, who are husband and wife.

The masseuse is very experienced and while giving me the massage, she explains what she is doing and the benefits of it. The massage leaves me feeling really good and relaxed. It makes me forget the workout session I had an hour earlier.

You may opt for Fitology Express session, where the one-hour sports therapy is excluded.

A new way of fitness
FOR an annual membership fee of RM2,388, members are entitled to 12 complimentary Fitology Express sessions and Polar FT40 Heart-rate Monitor.

Members will enjoy Fitology 360 at RM110 per session and Fitology Express at RM70. Non-members will have to pay RM200 for one Fitology 360 session.

Fitology is located in Jalan Riong, Bangsar. Tel: 03-2201 4311. Website:

Jacobs Ladder places users at a 40-degree angle in order to take stress away from the lower back

The Arc Trainer’s foot plates move in an arc pattern instead of an ellipse . PICTURES BY DANIAL NOORDIN

A new way of gym rowing, the Water Rower is designed to emulate the exact dynamics of a boat moving through water

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