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Pain of expression


A study shows that poor communication is a factor in improper pain management, writes Saadah Badarudin

PAIN is the body’s natural way of telling you that something is wrong. The intensity and the site of the pain alert you that something is  wrong and that we should seek medical help.

However, many of us would probably have a problem describing our pain and end up getting the wrong treatment due to the lack of information given.

So the Malaysian Association For The Study Of Pain has collaborated with Pfizer Malaysia to raise awareness on the importance of finding the right treatment for nerve pain.


For two weeks, from June 10 to 21, 428 people aged 25-65 who experienced pain were randomly surveyed.

They were asked questions related to pain management, pain knowledge and their approach in treating the condition.

The results were interesting. The survey revealed that eight out of 10 Malaysians reported that pain has affected their lives one way or another and, as a result, suffer significant disability and reduced quality of life.

It found that six in 10 patients interviewed, admitted that pain affected the quality of their work. Most found that pain affected their personal growth and some even became depressed due to the failure to manage pain.

When asked if they faced problems describing their pain to doctors, 76 per cent answered “yes”.

“If you suffer from pain that you cannot explain, then you may be experiencing nerve pain,” said Dr Mary Suma Cardosa, president of MASP.

She advised patients to consult their doctors and learn to manage  pain more effectively.

Managing pain
Details on nerve pain and how to manage pain at

Study of pain

THE Malaysian Association For The Study Of Pain is a chapter of the International Association For The Study Of Pain.
It was formed in 1993 by a group of doctors who felt that patients in pain were not being treated adequately, whether pain was acute, chronic or cancer pain, and that there was a real need for education on better pain management in this country.

Dr Cardosa says pain management and knowing the root of the problem are essential.

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