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WHEN bikers are shown in local movies, they are often depicted as fast and furious juvenile delinquents. Astro Shaw’s latest movie, Bikers Kental, shows a different side to them by giving them a more human face.

.This is a buddy movie about bikers who take a bumbling and dishonest freshie (in fact, a dud on the bike) on a redeeming and rewarding road trip from Kuala Lumpur to Sadao, Hatyai and Krabi in Thailand.

A first road trip movie for the production house and Helmi’s directorial debut, Bikers Kental marks the first time funnymen Zizan and Awie are paired up in a buddy movie that focuses on one man’s coming of age on a journey between Kuala Lumpur and Thailand’s popular beach-side towns.

The storyline may be weak but Bikers Kental scores big on cinematography, especially its shots of views along the North-South Highway’s hilly Ipoh stretch, breathtaking beaches of Krabi and of course, a spectacular yet hilarious action sequence in the final destination.

It is a boys-only movie with two female characters — sisters Saiya (Pornwipa) and Cherry (Julangtip) who run a cafe in Hatyai and serve as the protagonist Bidin’s (Zizan) love interests.

Bidin, whose full name is Bidin Al Zaifa, is a good-for-nothing employee in his cousin Aidil’s (Harun) motorcycle shop in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. He dreams of owning a high-powered motorcycle and going on a road trip to Thailand with his employer’s best friend Eddie (Awie).

One day, Bidin finds an unconscious man in a car and a bag full of money. Without thinking twice, he takes the money, buys a new motorcycle and matching gear. He tells Aidil that the money came from the sale of some of his family property.

While Eddie’s biker pals especially Arbi (Zul) do not trust Bidin, the seasoned biker takes him under his wings, as Bidin once helped modify Eddie’s son’s bicycle and his own motorcycle.
So begins a journey of a lifetime for Bidin.

Stamina-wise, he is no match for Eddie and friends, but with words of encouragement, he learns to push himself harder and makes it all the way to Hatyai — where trouble starts for the band of bikers.

Bidin falls head over heels in love with Saiya, who is nonchalant towards his advances as he is a big-nosed boy. His infatuation with the Thai beauty is encouraged by her younger sister Cherry, who actually finds him attractive and cute.

In order to pursue Saiya, Bidin mischievously sabotages the motorcycles of Eddie and friends. This results in a trip to the local motorcycle repair shop, and an opportunity for naughty Bidin to woo Saiya in her cafe. Bigger trouble soon appears, threatening both the journey and Bidin’s life.

Thai gangsters Pornthaliwat (Bront) and Albuquerque (Amerul) are in hot pursuit of Bidin who soon realises that the money he stole was actually theirs.

Awie and Zizan are very much at home with this sort of masculine comedy adventure. As expected, they are the heart and soul of Bikers Kental.

Bront and Amerul make great, bumbling antagonists who keep the “hot wheels” of Awie and Zizan burning throughout the movie.

Zul’s Arbi, however, could have been developed more. Instead of raising his suspicions about Bidin’s newfound wealth at the start, he chooses to tag along until the show’s explosive climax.

His tidak apa attitude makes him as much a wallflower, if not more, than the Thai beauties, who at least hold their own against the Thai gangsters towards the end.

Zizan remains his zany self and he is at his best when he says “I love porn” to one of the Thai characters who does not know (or pretends not to know) what he actually means.

Awie is at his coolest in this movie. He never loses his temper and just winks and smiles every time his Eddie has to put up with Bidin’s nonsense, especially his frequent petrol station toilet stops (to dry himself as he sweats profusely under his thick, black jacket).

Bikers Kental is a light and easy ride from beginning to end, and a feel good movie for motorcycle enthusiasts.

A story of friendship, responsibility and respect, this one is for fans of Awie, Zizan, Zul and Harun, who is the worst dressed and worst disguised character in the story.

Bidin (Zizan) realises he is in love with Cherry (Julangtip).

Aidil (Harun, left) and Bidin (Zizan).

Eddie (Awie, centre) and his bikers.

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