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Unlike a regular chair, a bean bag shapes itself around your body contours, writes Zuhaila Sedek-De Booij

BEAN bags are one of the most popular and trendy home decor items at the moment. Unlike a regular chair made of wood or metal, a bean bag adapts to your body shape. Instead of sitting in a fixed position, a bean bag allows one to sit whichever way one pleases. Hospitals and nurseries are also big supporters of bean bags.

According to, bean bags were first produced commercially in the 1960s when an Italian brand, Zanotta, introduced Sacco bean bags to the market. These were available in leather and were pear–shaped. They were filled with thermocol pellets (made of polystyrene compounds). Today, the Sacco range is still available, but the bean bags are made of different and modern materials.

Modern bean bags are available in a wide variety of shapes, colours and fillings.

Defying gravity
From the United States, Doof bean bags are made to withstand jumping on from a height of 1.5m and are dust proof. The bags come in two shapes — rectangle and round. The former is named Roxanne, while the latter is called Chuck.

The brand also makes bean bags for pets — the Spike range for dogs, and Millie range for cats. There are eight colours to choose from. Details at or email to

The outdoorsy option
Santai offers weather–proof and water–resistant bean bags that are as suitable for a day on the beach or a night at a campsite, as they are for indoors. Distributed by Urban Spring in Bukit Bandaraya in Kuala Lumpur, Santai bean bags come in playful colours and are made of polyester and lightweight beads. The bags available are named Lazy Bro’, Relax Sis’, Daddy Cool, Big Mama Straps, Freaky Cousin and Billy the Kid. For details, visit their Facebook page (Santai Bean Bags Malaysia) or email to

Baby Love
Distributed by Mitacorp Enterprise in Seremban, Lullabean offers Lullaby bean bags designed for babies. It also has other lines — Juju Teardrop (teardrop shape), Boxy and Mobi (bean bags for mobile phones). Custom-made designs are also possible. Fabrics used are microsuede, microfibre, Ardo (upholstery fabric), faux leather as well as Sunproof material. Embroidery service is also provided. Details at or email to

The rectangular Roxanne range.

Spike and Millie bean bags are great for your pets.

The outdoorsy option

Juju Teardrop.

Baby Love

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