DVD PICKS: Heist, chemistry and dark comedy


Directed by
Philip J. Jones
Starring Robert Patrick, Jennifer Esposito, Mike Starr
Distributed by Speedy Video Distributors

ROBERT Patrick and Jennifer Esposito seem like a good on-screen match. In this short film (87 minutes), their chemistry contributes to the credibility of the film. The plot seems promising, at first. This is a story about Harley (Esposito), an ex-convict just released from prison.

A mild-mannered video-store owner comes across him and is instantly smitten by his charms. He is totally oblivious to her intentions to use him in her plot to effect a heist that was put on hold when she was busted for drug money distribution.

They run from the authorities and learn the hard way that there is no one they can trust but themselves.

Although this is a low-budget movie, the whole film doesn’t look that way at all. There is quality in how the scenes were filmed. However, the story development appears to be a bit amateurish. Scenes could be tighter, but instead they are draggy and long-winded.

The good news is Melissa Joan Hart is one of the cast members and she delivers an excellent portrayal of a hilariously sarcastic mortician. In this dark comedy, the casting is good enough and also, thanks to the the sombre yet simple storyline, Backflash is an entertaining watch.

Agent Red
Directed by
Damian Lee
Starring Dolph Lundgren, Meilani Paul, Aleksandr Kuznetsov
Distributed by Speedy Video Distributors

IT may be too often that we see action star Dolph Lundgren play the antagonist. In Agent Red, however, he plays the US Navy’s top Marine Special Operations Commander Matt Hendricks, one of the good guys. It is disconcerting at first, but he still looks awesome in a black leather jacket, brandishing a gun and kicking butt. He is the star of the show, considering the fact that his co-stars are quite unknown.

 Hendricks has been assigned to pick up a deadly virus sample that has been stolen by the Russian government during the cold war and escort it back to the US. The journey is interrupted when a group of terrorists hijacks the submarine carrying Hendricks.

 The terrorists’ main mission is to spread the virus in New York and Moscow. Hendricks must battle the enemy while keeping the deadly sample sealed.

 Although Lundgren looks appealing as hero, his acting is terribly stiff. The same goes for other cast members.

 The plot is equally horrible. It screams B-grade, with cheesy plots and twists, and with occasional incredibly offensive script.

 Only watch this film if you’re a fan of Lundgren.



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