SHOWBIZ: TV9 Raya goodies


A comedy starring Hot FM DJs, a balik kampung programme with Liyana Jasmay, a story of magical dates and one of a skilful cupcake maker are among the station’s offerings this festive season, writes Dennis Chua

HARI Raya Aidil Fitri 2013 will be celebrated by TV9 with the theme 5 Malam 4 Hari. This, says TV3 and TV9 group general manager Sherina Nordin, refers to TV9’s television goodies screened over five nights and four days.

“There’ll be lots of local productions and international movies from the evening before Raya until the night of the fourth day of Raya.

“There’ll also be a collaboration between Hot FM and TV9, where the radio personalities will appear in television specials such as Mimpi Fara, Geng Kampung Pisang and Hot TV Raya,” she says.

Popular television personalities Hani Hatim (Hunny Madu) and Aidid Marcello co-host Hip TV Raya at 8.30pm on Aug 7, and they will catch up with singers Black and Najwa Latif.

For a touching tale, watch Seberang Takir (9.15pm, Aug 7) which is about Mak Yam who is terminally ill but her three sons rarely visit. It stars Normah Damanhuri, Fizz Fairuz, Erry Putra and Azlee Khairi.

Meanwhile, Najwa will also entertain fans in Stailista Unplugged at 10am on Aug 8, alongside Shila Amzah, Alyah Abu Hassan and Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, as well as veterans Datuk M. Nasir, Jamal Abdillah, Datuk Hattan, Datuk Sharifah Aini, Sanisah Huri and Uji Rashid.

Geng Kampung Pisang (1.30pm, Aug 8), a comedy, sees Hot FM announcers AG and Faizal Ismail play village jocks in love with village beauty Sherry (Sari Yanti). Sherry challenges them to cook lemang, and the best cook will get to be with her.

Hot TV Raya (7.30pm, Aug 8 and 9) sees the Hot FM stars Fara Fauzana, Faizal, AG, Leya and Suraya celebrate Raya and share their funny yet memorable experiences.

Popular Hitz.FM announcer Ryan Matjeraie learns the art of cooking rendang in Ronggeng Rendang (6.30pm, Aug 8). He discovers that rendang has been listed as one of the top 50 scrumptious foods by American television network CNN and challenges himself to find the ingredients of rendang, before cooking a scrumptious dish for “very important people”.

Rock fans should not miss out on Rockestra (8.30pm, Aug 8), a classic rock extravaganza which showcases Amy of Search, Black and Azlan and The Typewriter. Enjoy some of their popular hits like Hukum Karma, Kerja Gila, Idola, Teman Pengganti and Sofea Jane.

Another rock showcase is Mini Busking (10am, Aug 9) featuring Najwa, Black, Parallax, Amir Jahari and Go Gerila. It is hosted by Radhi Razalli of OAG fame.

Popular actress Liyana Jasmay and her husband Fathudin Mazlan appear in Oh! Kampungku (9.30pm, Aug 8) as an urban couple who return to the village to help their loved ones prepare for Raya for the first time, with hilarious and heart-warming results.

Children’s action comedy I Heart Kurma (4.30pm, Aug 9) tells the story of Umar and Hafiz who are always bullied in school. One day, they meet Pak Yusof who sells dates, and discover that the fruits give them super strength to defend themselves.

The drama stars Ben Laden, Hadi, Iz Ilham, Kaza and Ziela Jalil.

Meanwhile, Norlia Ghani, Amy Mastura, Hairi Safwan, Wahid Mohamad and Azza star in Mana Kuali Opah! (1.30pm, Aug 9), the story of a grandmother who accidentally misplaces her beloved wok, which she inherited from her forefathers. Her children and in-laws search high and low for it, and get into hilarious misadventures in their home village, as they are fully aware that Raya will never be the same for the matriarch without it.

Switch Off Raya (6.30pm, Aug 9) sees Radhi, Taiyuddin Bakar, Sharifah Sakinah, Jay Iswazir Ismail, Alam Abdul Rahman and Adam Shah challenged by darkness.

They have to make their way out of an abandoned house in the dark, within a given time, or be soundly “haunted” there.

Fara of Hot FM has her own TV movie Mimpi Fara, airing at 1.30pm on Aug 10. It tells of her returning to her village for Raya only to learn that her elder brother is about to get married to the big bully from her schooldays.

Fara and her close friends try hard to convince her brother that his future wife is not who she seems, and along the way, viewers see flashbacks of her bad experiences with her future sister-in-law. Other cast includes Azlee Khairi, Zul Ariffin and Aida Khalida.

Putri Balkish, Adam Hazly, Razak Ahmad, Hamidah Wahab and Cico Harahap star in Seringgit Kashorga (4.30pm, Aug 10). It revolves around Am who learns from his grandfather Tok Ki that there is a magical RM1 note in one of the duit Raya packets.

TV host and actress Scha Alyahya stars as Lola, a skilful cupcake maker in Sweet Lola at 1.30pm on Aug 11. Lola is the deputy editor of a magazine, but is often bullied by her superior, Tifa. She then finds “therapy” in baking cakes. One day, her life is changed forever when she bumps into a man named Zain. Also starring Ammar Asyraf, Didie Alias, Mustapha Kamal, Aleza Shadan and Talha Harith.

Hot.FM’s Faizal also has his own Raya show FBI Raya Sakan at 8.30pm on Aug 11.

It zooms in on his open house, and features sketches and musical performances by guests Bell Ngasri, Fara, Angah, Nabil, Yana Shamsudin, Scha, Aizat Amdan and Hafiz Suip.

Game show Kidnap (8.30pm, Aug 12) sees celebrities Nas-T, Aiman Hakim Redza, Nabila Huda Suhaimi and Zarina Zainoordin get “kidnapped” and participate in challenging games in order to “earn” their freedom.

Another game show Ada Bran? (8.30pm, Aug 13) sees celebrities Soo Wincci, Nas-T, Almy Nadia, Tunku Hanis, Khairul Fahmi and Hazama Azmi face scary moments which they must overcome in order to score points.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, at 8.30pm beginning Aug 21 comes a new TV drama Sangkar written by Sharifah Amani and directed by Fazli Yahya.

Starring Nabila Huda, Nazim Othman, Zul Ariffin, Amee Sharmaine, Azizah Mahzan and Erma Fatima, it is the story of close friends Yasmin and Umar who come from different backgrounds. Yasmin lives with her ailing mother Kamsiah while Umar lives with his rich businessman father who seldom spends time with him.

Other interesting and must-watch shows include Ketupat Rendang Kopi O (8am, Aug 7), Bola Kampung The Movie (4.30pm, Aug 8), The Expendables (10.30pm, Aug 8), Galaksi Raya (8.30pm, Aug 9), Versus Raya (9.30pm, Aug 9), Rambo (10.30pm, Aug 9), Bintang Mencari Pasal Raya (6.30pm, Aug 10), Mad Markets Raya (7.30pm, Aug 10), Mission Impossible 3 (10.30pm, Aug 10), Bananana Squad Vs Idola Kecil (3.30pm, Aug 11), Cokelat Maraton (4.30pm, Aug 11) and Mr Bean Holiday (10.30pm, Aug 11).

The rolling-out of TV9’s Raya programmes was attended by Liyana Jasmay, Alyah, Radhi, Amee, Erma, Tunku Hanis, Shila, Najwa, Alyah, Aidid, Leya and Azza, among others.

(From left) Siti, Alyah, Shila and Najwa in Stailista Unplugged (10pm, Aug 8).

Amy of Search in Rockestra (8.30pm, Aug 8). Pictures by Nur Adibah Ahmad Izam

Azlan Roslee performs in Rockestra (8.30pm, Aug 8).

Liyana Jasmay appears in TV9’s Oh! Kampungku (9.30pm, Aug 8).

Catch Tunku Hanis in Ada Bran? (8.30pm, Aug 13).

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