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The Dell C1765nfw Color Multifunction Printer is a versatile workhorse with useful networking options, writes Siti Syameen Md Khalili

.MADE for home offices and small businesses, the Dell C1765nfw Color Multifunction Printer offers printing, scanning, copying and fax functions. It also has wireless capability so you can access it via WiFi on PC, Dell Mobile Print App on Android or Mobile PrintApp for Dell on iOS devices.

As far as form factor goes, this multifunction imaging machine is hardly a looker. It is hefty and best hauled out of the box with the help of a friend. Once set on a table, its design sends a signal that it is a serious worker and offers relevant services that can help you run your office.

The review machine comes with four cartridges already latched onto the drum console but taking them out and putting them back into the pod is easy enough. Installing the device is easy — pop in the software CD, go through the instructions, then connect via USB or Ethernet cable if preferred, and you can set to have several PCs to work with that one machine.

Or you can jump straight to wireless connectivity, where the real fun is. This feature can be launched simply by pressing the WiFi button on the bottom left of the machine, and following the instructions on the display panel. Using a Windows 7-based notebook, pairing was not successful at first try but upon restart, everything fell into place.

According to online forums, more users found it is easier to establish a WiFi link between the Dell C1765nfw and WiFi enabled PC by using the Add a Device tool off the Control Panel.

With print speeds reaching 15 pages per minute in black and 12ppm in colour, the Dell C1765nfw is not the fastest AIO out there, but a glance on the first few pages it produced makes up for where it lags.

Using text only document file, the print-out of black text on plain paper is clean and well-executed. The next set of documents printed happens to be a 10-pager, and on each page the same sharpness is maintained by this 600 x 600dpi capable machine.

Files containing both text and pictures also turn out sharp and smooth on both plain and thick (cover) paper. The black text looks just as sharp as the coloured ones. Graphics clip art turns out better than photo files. While clip art embedded among the text came out polished, the photo seems a bit flat.

Note that all the printing tasks above were done wirelessly via PC, and the Dell C1765nfw takes on average 10 seconds or less before whirring into printing.

We also tested with an Android smartphone and it takes only a few seconds longer to register and kickstart the printing action. Also note that we tested smaller sized files when printing from the Android smartphone.

By the way, the apps for Android and iOS devices are available at their respective online stores for free.

For normal use, the Dell C1765nfw also proved to be an efficient copier, churning out copies in text/photo, text and photo modes.

Using the default setting, copies appear slightly pale compared to the original document, but upon tweaking the setting, you can get nearly as good as the original.

In other words, if you are generating flyers for information dissemination, the Dell C1765nfw would do well, but professional brochures may not be its forte.

Scanning using its flatbed module is a straightforward matter, and you can scan at 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. The best part about this facility is that it offers the ability to convert your physical documents into pdf, jpeg or tiff files that you can easily organise using the Nuance PaperPort software. Beyond scanning to view in an application, you also get to scan straight to email or USB drive.

For business use, the Dell C1765nfw is able to function as a standalone fax compatible with the PSTN and PABX lines. Alternatively, you can also use the PC Fax feature to send documents off your PC to a fax number.

All considered, the Dell C1765nfw makes a great addition to a home office setting or small workgroup office, but if you plan to generate more professional looking documents, there are limitations. That said, the wireless feature really adds convenience especially in a multi-platform user setting.

Dell C1765nfw Color Multifunction Printer

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