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Simply a-maze-ing!


It normally requires a teasing block of cheese or a large cat giving chase in order to get a mouse to move at top speed. But not for this incredible micromouse.

The robotic rodent managed to negotiate a complex maze in just 3.921 seconds. Breaking the four second barrier is tantamount to Roger Bannister breaking the four minute mile barrier in 1954.

The rodent was competing in the 2011 All Japan Micromouse Robot Competition in Tsukuba. Its speed was so fast that it shaved an entire second off the previous record holder’s time from the year before.

The robot, called Min7.1, was designed by Singaporean Ng Beng Kiat.

According to Automaton, its top speed is just over 12km per hour and it is just 10cm long and weighs 90 grammes.

Before its record-breaking attempt, the mouse was given an initial run to study the maze. At no time, however, was it given an overhead view.

The complex maze

Super speedy, the robotic mouse

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