November 12, 2012
By : Alang Bendahara and Koi Kye Lee |

1Malaysia Call Centre (1MOCC) launched

PUTRAJAYA: For Malaysia to retain its competitive edge, civil servants have to continue to churn out new ideas.


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the civil service should not become complacent in serving the people, otherwise the country would have a tough time achieving its target of becoming a developed nation.

“Competitive edge is an important factor in determining a country’s success.

“In the context of our country, if we want the people to look up to the government and the public service, collectively, we need to keep providing better and more efficient services for the people that meet their expectations and aspirations.

“If we are easily satisfied with what we have achieved, our competitors will be able to overtake us in no time. If we fail to make changes and improvements, we will be left behind in the global race,” Najib said in his speech before the launch of the 1Malaysia One Call Centre (1MOCC) here yesterday.

1MOCC is a single point of contact or one-stop call centre for enquiries on government services. It is part of the National Flagship project developed under the National Blue Ocean Strategy.

It provides five communications channels — telephone, short messaging system (SMS), facsimile, email and social media.

Najib also reminded civil servants that it was crucial to be creative and innovative as it would help the government in transforming the civil service and the country.

“By being more creative and innovative in coming up with ideas to improve the existing system, it will help in changing the people’s perception towards our public service and the government,” he said.

“The jump from 18th to 12th position in the World Bank’s Doing Business 2013 ranking proves that Malaysia is able to outperform even the developed countries such as Sweden (13th), Taiwan (16th), Germany (20th), Japan (24th) and Switzerland (28th).

“I believe Malaysia can be in the top 10 most competitive economies in the world for doing business in the international survey if we can push forward the transformation programmes together,” Najib added.

On the 1MOCC, Najib said that it was a revolutionary and innovative public service system which no other country had been able to achieve.

He said the concept was simple and would help answer questions on any issue, where the operator would refer the public to the relevant government departments or agencies.

The first phase of the 1MOCC would involve 21 government agencies, including the Prime Minister’s Department and its agencies; the Immigration Department; the Road Transport Department and the National Registration Department.

The public can make enquiries, complaints or provide suggestions by calling 03-8000 8000. The call centre operates daily, 24 hours a day, including on public holidays.