June 15, 2013

Three areas record unhealthy air quality - DOE

KUALA LUMPUR: Three areas - Muar, Pasir Gudang and Melaka - have recorded unhealthy Air Pollutant Index (API) today, according to the Department of Environment (DOE).

As at 11am, Muar recorded the highest API reading of 127, Pasir Gudang (103) and Melaka (101). 
DOE in a statement here today, said that the increase in the API readings in several areas in the southern states of the peninsula was due to the cross-border haze being blown in from Sumatera, Indonesia. 
Satellite information released by ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Centre on June 14 showed that there were 46 hotspots in Sumatera and two in Sabah, Malaysia. 
"The southwest monsoon winds blowing in from the hotspots in Central Sumatera have caused the haze phenomenon in the southern states of Peninsular Malaysia," the statement said. 
The statement also said that 12 API monitoring stations recorded good air quality, while 36 other stations recorded moderate API readings. 
DOE also advised the public not to carry out open burning activities, but to report to the Fire Department or the DOE at 1-800-88-2727 should they detect any of such activities being carried out in their areas. 
Meanwhile, Muar District Health Officer Dr Zulkifli Othman also advised residents in the district to cut down outdoor activities to prevent the effects of haze of their health. 
The public are also advised to drink plenty of water as a precautionary measure to prevent potential health impacts during haze, he said. -- BERNAMA