September 23, 2013
By : K. Letchimanan, Ipoh, Perak |

TERMINAL AMAN JAYA: Ipoh bus terminal like international airport

OUR visit to this terminal with my son and two grand-children was fascinating.


As you enter the terminal in Meru, you feel as if you are entering an international airport. The structure, layout and other facilities are good.

We must compliment the Perak government for building it.

As for the food outlets, we hope more suitable stalls would be set up, since foreigners also catch buses to travel around the country. Those who have not been to this terminal must make an effort to see it for themselves -- seeing is believing. People must not always complain about taxi fares being high.

On the other hand, shuttle bus services must be provided.

We need to look at the positive side of each story. Our country is growing at all levels.

So, let us all give the thumbs up for this majestic building in Meru, Perak, where other facilities are available, such as the Immigration, and National Registration departments and Registrar of Societies.

It is truly one-stop centre.

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