November 15, 2011

Hailstorm hits schools, low-cost flats

Three schools, a canteen and low-cost flats in Subang Jaya were damaged after a hailstorm on Sunday

board ceilings of the classes had collapsed
clasees are closed

The gypsum board ceilings of the classes had collapsed, causing several aluminium rails and light fixtures to stick out of the ceiling.  Three hundred 300 pupils yesterday had to be placed at the school’s multipurpose hall and foyer while officers from the Selangor state education department assessed the damage.

“We are lucky that the incident happened on the weekend and not during school hours.

“Education Ministry officers have inspected the classrooms and said the first and second floors of the school was safe for students.

“The third floor will remain closed until the classrooms are fixed,” said SJK (C) Tun Tan Cheng Lock Parent-Teacher Association chairman Wong Kuan Yu.

SJK (C) Tun Tan Cheng Lock Parents Teachers Association committee member Victor S.K. Ho hoped the Education Ministry would be able to repair the damaged classrooms soon.

“We hope the work can be done as soon as possible or during the school holidays next week,” he said.

Ho also expressed concern over the poorly built and finished classrooms. “The school is only 10 years old but the ceiling has started to give way. We hope the structure will be reinforced to prevent mishaps,” he said.

At the Angsana low-cost flats in USJ1, 18 units, a kindergarten and a multi-purpose hall were damaged in the hailstorm.

Misry Bugiman, 35, who lives on the 11th floor of Angsana Block B, said several items in his home were damaged by a leak in the roof caused by the hailstorm.

“I was at work on Sunday when my wife told me the roof had started to leak. I rushed back to find water dripping onto my cabinet, sofa and television. Our bedroom was also wet.
“My pregnant wife, my two children and I had no choice but to sleep in the hall,” he said.

Misry hoped the local council would fix the roof soon.  

Angsana kindergarten assistant teacher Roslaila Razali, 36, said she and several other teachers had to send the pre-schoolers home on Monday.

The parents came early in the morning with the children to the kindergarten.

“When we opened the door of our kindergarten, we saw that part of the ceiling had collapsed.

“We have no choice but to close the kindergarten until the ceiling is repaired,” she said.

Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh, who visited the Angsana low-cost flats with Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) officers, said MPSJ would assess the severity of the damage to the roof before taking action.

“MPSJ has stationed its officers  at the flats to assist and answer queries from the residents. We urge the residents to come forward and assist the officers by making a police report of the extent of the damage,” she said.

Yeoh also visited Sekolah Wawasan and urged MPSJ to clean the school as soon as possible.

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