November 15, 2012

Tenants who sublet to lose public housing units

KUALA LUMPUR: SOME 450 tenants of the public housing (PPR) flats may face "eviction" for subletting the units to others.


City Hall's housing management and community development department director Sukiman Surahman said tenants of public flats should not sublet their units.

"The flats were rented (RM124 monthly) to them based on certain criteria, including the low household income.

"We found out that some of them sublet their units for as much as RM600 and have been making a profit from their units.

"This is unfair to others who are eligible and need a place to live. There are about 56,000 units (out of 75,000) being rented out at the public housing schemes.

"The remaining have been sold.

"Those who have bought the units, however, can be rent out their units, but only to locals.

"We have carried out a thorough investigation to identify the errant tenants.

"They will receive a 30-day notice to cancel their tenancy agreement with City Hall, otherwise an eviction notice will be issued," he said.

Earlier, he said, 50 units in various areas including Desa Rajang, PPR Beringin and Sri Kota, were confiscated as the tenants were found to have sublet their units to foreigners.

On a different matter, he said some 400 families those who are registered under the e-kasih programme received financial assistance to pay their rent arrears for PPR units.

"The arrears of those who obtained the aid ranged from RM1,000 to RM12,000.

"Phase 2 of the PPR flats aid scheme for arrears and rents will start at the end of this month and 1,000 families will receive assistance as they cannot afford to pay their rent.

"The scheme also helps the needy to pay for their rent.

Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin advised those who have moved out of their flats to inform City Hall about it.

"Some of tenant who have moved out of their flats without City Hall's knowledge, have been making extra cash by subletting to others.

"This is an irresponsible act as they deny others, particularly the poor, of getting a unit to rent.

"The units have to be surrendered to allow others to rent," he said.

Raja Nong Chik was at Keramat Mall to distribute Deepavali aid to 450 needy families.

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