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Green Technology: Optimising water usage



MONIER is an industry leader in environmentally friendly roofing systems. Its two most significant innovations — the MONIER CoolRoof and the MONIER SolarRoof Systems — are not only aesthetically pleasing but also conserve energy and cool the interiors of a house.

The MONIER name is synonymous worldwide with energy efficiency, sustainability and ecological consciousness. Staying true to these fundamentals, the very foundation of its business philosophy, the company believes in optimising the full potentials of roofs so as to improve lives and homes.

In pursuing its on-going green agenda, MONIER is now venturing into the third ‘E’ in its energy efficient roofing solutions equation — environment, particularly the care and preservation of it. This is embodied in the latest offering from MONIER — the MONIER EcoRain Rainwater Harvesting System.

Why MONIER EcoRain?: Heavy downpours and floods during the monsoon seasons and convectional rain in the hot, dry months are all-too-familiar, oftentimes unwelcome, rainfall patterns that Malaysians contend with annually.

The MONIER EcoRain Rainwater Harvesting System takes full advantage of this situation by tapping into nature’s free resource when it is available in abundance. Water is collected, filtered and stored, and then recycled for use when it is scarce or occasioned by need. This facility from MONIER conserves water by supplementing piped water supply.

The MONIER EcoRain Rainwater Harvesting System is easy to install and simple to maintain. It provides a hassle-free and effective supply of harvested rainwater that saves water costs whilst helping the environment. Should its storage tank run dry during periods of heavy usage, the MONIER Rainwater Harvesting System automatically switches to the main water supply without any water supply disruption.

The quality of the harvested rainwater, however, is suitable only for non-potable use, for example, washing of vehicles, watering the plants and for flushing of toilets.

Benefits of MONIER EcoRain: The MONIER Rainwater Harvesting System has many benefits to a household:

• It acts as a convenient supplement to the main water supply in catering to household needs.

• It reduces utility bills as homeowners can now make full use of an alternative water source.

• It offers peace of mind to homeowners knowing that they have an independent supply of water during times of water shortage or rationing.

• It helps with the preservation of the environment, a universal campaign where building and homeowners and consumers can play a major role by the judicious use of and conservation of water.

Adding value to properties: Purchasing decisions are highly influenced by buyers’ preference for projects that promote sustainability of the environment. Amongst the in-demand green features that builders incorporate are energy and water efficiency technologies and rainwater harvesting systems in both new and old buildings.

The MONIER perspective: While rainwater harvesting systems can make homes more sustainable and reduce costs, the higher purpose, though, is conservation of the environment. MONIER shares these sentiments as its innovations are not just about energy efficiency and savings on electricity bills but advancing the global cause for sustainability.

The MONIER EcoRain, the latest addition that completes the MONIER family of E³ roofing solutions, reflects the company’s green direction in offering its consumers a comfortable and better living environment.


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