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'Bid to link Najib to Altantuya case'


SINISTER: Corporal Sirul enticed to make false statements, says ex-MP Zulkifli

KUALA LUMPUR: VARIOUS attempts have been made to lure Corporal Sirul Azhar Omar to make a false declaration against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in the murder case of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu.

In stating this, former Kulim Bandar Baharu member of parliament Datuk Zulkifli Nordin referred to previous statements on the matter made by former aides to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim -- Muhamad Rahimi Osman, Anuar Shaari and former PKR information chief Roslan Kassim.

Zulkifli, in a statement yesterday, also urged the police and Attorney-General to take action against those who wanted to defame Najib.

"I have disclosed in Parliament before how attempts were made to create false allegations against the prime minister as being involved in the murder of Altantuya.

"All those attempts were politically motivated and had no basis whatsoever. These people have no respect for the judicial system and national interest."

Rahimi had claimed last week that an offer of RM3 million was allegedly made on June 3 to Sirul's family to make a false confession that Najib was involved in Altantuya's murder.

He said he had received this information from an "inside source" in the opposition coalition.

Sirul and ex-chief inspector Azilah Hadri were found guilty of murdering Altantuya, 28, between Lot 12843 and Lot 16735 Mukim Bukit Raja between 10pm on Oct 19, 2006 and 1am on Oct 20, 2006.

Political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, who was charged with abetting them, was later acquitted in 2008.

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