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'Hypocritical' Ngeh under fire at DAP convention


CHASTISED: Delegates call for state party leadership to be changed

IPOH: DAP suffered yesterday the embarrassment of having delegates attending its Perak convention air details of party infighting.

The state DAP leadership, in particular its chairman, Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham, was singled out for scorn by several branch chiefs.

Its Kampung Cina branch chairman, Jason Lim, said that although party chiefs spoke about wanting to save Malaysia, it was the state party leadership that needed to be changed.

His grouses centred on applications he submitted on Oct 3 last year to set up branches, which until today had yet to elicit a reply from the state committee.

"I have sent the membership fees using cheques. If the branches are rejected, please return the cheques to me."

He alleged that in the past two years, the state committee had been dragging its feet over formation of branches by people not aligned to them.

"All these are unfair tactics for the coming party elections."

While there were branch leaders who called for members to unite to face "enemies outside the party", a majority of the delegates who spoke raised contentious issues haunting the Perak DAP of late.

Among them were the three branch chairmen of Lumut, Desa Manjung and Kampung Acheh Baru, whose organising of a fundraising dinner saw them being referred by Ngeh to the party's disciplinary committee.

Lumut branch chairman Kong Ying Hwa fired the first salvo by chastising Ngeh for using the vernacular media to criticise his own members.

Desa Manjung branch chairman Solaiman O.P. Syed Ibrahim said the party never had a state chairman who used the media to criticise its own members until now.

"It is just a fundraising dinner. Let us not split hair over it."

Even attempts by convention speaker Ng Wei Aik to quell the situation by advising members to keep the debate to national and state issues, and to use party channel for any internal issues, failed to stop members from embarrassing the state committee further.

Chenderiang branch chairman Richard Leong said its was hypocritical of the party leadership to tell members to fight enemies outside when its own leaders were attacking its own members.

"I have worked hard to set up branches in Tapah but to date, have no reply from the state committee.

"When I checked with the party headquarters, they told me it had not been approved by the state organising secretary."

Even Ngeh's tweet on Muslims reaction to an anti-Islam movie was raised when a delegate from Taman Sejati in Sitiawan lambasted the Beruas member of Parliament for the tweet.

"You have undone all party efforts in attracting other races to the party."

Earlier, party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng refused to have a press conference after opening the convention.

The speaker said Lim had other urgent matters to attend to and had to leave the convention early.


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