Malaysia’s 13th General Election


'Pakatan misusing my speech'

DESPERATE MOVE: Former DPM Musa Hitam says opposition ploy to use his TV talk is an abuse of democratic privilege

KUALA LUMPUR: FORMER deputy prime minister Tun Musa Hitam has condemned Pakatan Rakyat as "desperate" for misinterpreting and abusing his speech to woo voters.

In a statement, Musa described Pakatan's move as an "abuse of democratic privilege".

"While I respect the rights of all to indulge in taking such interest on my views and even interpreting me in whichever way, I am concerned over the abuse of such democratic privilege.

"Pakatan seems to be so desperate to promote themselves and to woo support of the electorate that they have resorted to using me as their major weapon to hit back at Barisan Nasional (BN), particularly on the potential of the government not going bankrupt if Pakatan came to power."

Musa was referring to the use of his name and comments from a recent speech at the Bicara Minda series on Astro Awani that seemed to favour the opposition.

"BN seems to have inflicted a huge damage to their credibility on this issue that part of my statements from the Bicara Minda speech, allegedly in support of Pakatan, had to be promoted and displayed prominently in their election campaigns."

Enraged by such ploy, Musa demanded Pakatan stop making claims that he supported them.

"Resorting to using me and quoting me on public billboards must also stop. I make this call in the name of fairness and political decency."

Musa said on the issue of Pakatan's claim that the country would go bankrupt under BN, it was clear that the ruling coalition' manifesto provided a solid rebuttal.

"Having heard the verbal arguments by BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak at the launch of the BN manifesto, I congratulate Najib for his well articulated arguments against Pakatan.

"Without using me, I urge Pakatan to argue it out and leave it to the good judgment of the electorate."

Musa also clarified that he had no political agenda, in spite of some "absolute rubbish analysis to the contrary".

He also reaffirmed his stand of not returning to politics.

Musa said he would continue to express his personal views on any political matters as and when he felt the need to.

"This is the freedom that I have always enjoyed as a member of Umno, a party which has played a most significant role in the development of our beloved country.

"As an Umno and BN member, and by that very same token, I certainly wish for BN to win this election. Indeed, I am certain that BN will win this time."


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