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So, you're having a Snake baby?


QUE SERA, SERA: Will your child be rich? Pretty or handsome? Feng shui master and Chinese astrologer Kenny Hoo tells Tan Choe Choe what's in store for parents who will be hatching a Snake baby this year

LAST year, as the year of the Water Dragon approached, there were many headlines  around the world detailing how couples  rushed for a Dragon baby.

The belief is that children born in the year of the Dragon will tend to have better luck and be more successful. The rush for a Dragon baby was so real that hospitals and maternity wards were reportedly full, even in Malaysia.

"People tend to associate lots of good things with a Dragon baby. They tend to face lots of pressure and competition in life as the number of babies born in that year is higher," said feng shui master and Chinese astrologer Kenny Hoo of

But one of the consequences of gunning for a Dragon baby later in the year is the likelihood of getting a Snake baby instead.

So, is the Water Snake year of 2013 a good year to have babies?

Definitely, says Hoo.

"As 2013 is a Yin Water Snake year, babies born on or after Feb 4 will naturally have a Nobleman or Guardian Angel sitting in their life path (Bazi). So, generally, most undertakings in their life will be smoother with the help of people around them."

The Snake's inherent element is fire, thus Snake children tend to be polite, active, energetic, humble, respectful, intuitive, smart and patient. They can also be demanding and cunning.

A Snake baby born in a water year, as one will be this year, will also tend to be adaptable and easily accommodate others' ideas.

This Water Snake will also likely be charming, sociable, physically attractive, a go-getter and innovative, but with a tendency to be aggressive.

On the flip side, parents need to watch out for their children, who tend to be so active that they often multitask, leading to a lack of focus and discipline.

"If possible, parents should learn about the yearly location of the Scholastic Star and activate it by placing a four-piece calligraphy brush set there to ensure better academic achievement," said Hoo.

He predicts that babies born between the dates March 5 and April 4, May 5 and June 4, and Aug 7 and Oct 7, will tend to have stronger support from the people around them, particularly from their seniors and working partners.

He notes that baby boys born between March 5 and April 4 will be particularly smart and energetic.

"Some may categorise them as naughty, especially before they reach the age of 15. Baby girls born within this period appear to have a steady childhood life."

Whether it is a girl or a boy born between May 5 and June 4, they will tend to have lots of friends.

"They will be polite and filial, and will likely have good relationships with their siblings, although they can be impatient and a little aggressive. They will also enjoy good health."

Snake babies born between June 6 and July 6 will likely become popular individuals. They will be caring, friendly, sociable and romantic. This is especially true for baby girls born between these dates as she will have lots of good supporters in life, be it friends or relatives.

"This will smoothen her life and she can also expect to have lots of opportunities to travel around before age 30. So, she will tend to be mature in thinking and the way she approaches her work, compared with a baby boy born within the same date range," Hoo said.

Babies born between May 5 and July 6 will likely have good business instincts as their wealth luck will be prominent, particularly if it is a girl.

"So, having a Snake baby isn't bad at all but is there any period in the year when it is not good to have babies?

"If possible, plan the conception ahead so as to avoid having babies between Nov 7 and Dec 6, as they will tend to be sickly or lack support from others, even from parents or siblings, in their future undertakings," Hoo advised.

This will be more obvious before the child reaches 30 years old.

Females born during this particular period will also likely find their love life or marriage arriving much later in life. Males born in this same period will fare better.

This is because a person's life path varies greatly according to gender, says Hoo, even if they are of the same date and time of birth.

"The life path cycle for a baby boy and baby girl is vastly different."

Should parents be worried if their personal animal sign clashes with the Snake?

A Boar, for instance, naturally clashes with the serpent.

"This issue is not important or significant. Other parameters, like the birth month, day and time, come into play and these additional parameters will likely remedy or mediate the situation even if the zodiac of the child clashes with the parents," Hoo explained.

In recent years, Hoo notes that there are more parents who want to equip their children with the best life path by choosing their children's date and time of birth through Caesarian section rather than natural birth.

"To plan ahead by selecting an auspicious birth date and time for a baby to be delivered can give positive influence to the child.

"However, I would only do this for mothers who have been advised by their doctors that a C-section is required for them due to medical reasons," he said.

Feng shui master and Chinese astrologer Kenny Hoo says the life path cycle for a baby boy and baby girl is vastly different.

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