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Man claims he only got partial BR1M payment

Man claims he only got partial BR1M payment

ALOR STAR: A 1Malaysia People's Aid (BR1M) recipient yesterday claimed that he received only RM300 of the full RM650 cash aid.

Historic FTA with Turkey

Historic FTA with Turkey

ANKARA: FIVE years of negotiations yesterday culminated in the signing of the Malaysia-Turkey Free Trade Agreement (FTA), made all the more auspicious as both countries celebrated their 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties.

Briefing  for parents on kids'  assessment

Briefing for parents on kids' assessment

KUALA LUMPUR: THE Education Ministry will hold briefing sessions on the school-based assessment (SBA) for parents nationwide from next month.

'Nurture local defence industry'

'Nurture local defence industry'

GROWTH POTENTIAL: It can create jobs and spin-off opportunities, says Hishammuddin

Son told him not to go

Son told him not to go

ON THE WAY TO COURT: Gobind asked Karpal to postpone Penang trip

Funeral with state honours

Funeral with state honours

GEORGE TOWN: DAP stalwart and "Tiger of Jelutong" Karpal Singh, who died yesterday in a car accident, will be accorded a funeral with state honours on Sunday.

DPM: BN will need to scrutinise Pas' hudud bill

DPM: BN will need to scrutinise Pas' hudud bill

THOROUGH STUDY: It must make sure proposed law is true hudud, says Muhyiddin

 'SL1M cuts grad unemployment'

'SL1M cuts grad unemployment'

TRAINEES: 42,000 have already benefited

Asian defence spending rose to RM1.15 trillion in 2012

KUALA LUMPUR: Faced with an increasingly unpredictable threat environment, Asian governments have placed defence budgets as their number one priority.

PM: He was a formidable opponent

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak expressed his sympathy to the family of late DAP veteran Karpal Singh, and described him as a "formidable opponent".

Karpal's firm to seek postponement of cases

KUALA LUMPUR: Law firm Karpal Singh & Co has requested that the courts postpone cases handled by veteran lawyer Karpal Singh following his demise.

No plans for Selangor PPR homes

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor state government currently has no plans for any large-scale construction under the People's Housing Programme (PPR).

4 ex-Sime Darby execs claim trial

JOHOR BARU: Four senior management executives of a conglomerate, including a Datuk, claimed trial at the Sessions Court yesterday, to charges of failing to exercise their powers for proper purpose and in good faith in the best interest of their company. They are seen to have failed to fulfil their responsibilities as directors of Sime Darby Engineering Sdn Bhd.

'Air base concerns to be heard by cabinet'

GEORGE TOWN: Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said he would submit a report on Penang Umno's concerns over the relocation of the Royal Malaysian Air Force base in Butterworth to the cabinet.

30pc cancellations by China tourists

SETBACK: Losses of RM100m in tourism revenue reported in six weeks

4 BN parties raise objections to hudud plan

FIRM STAND: Kelantan Pas govt's plan will trigger constitutional imbroglio, says MCA president

Selangor urged to buy water

CRUCIAL: Opt for short-term solution to ease shortage, says opposition leader

Canberra and KL to sign MoU

PRECAUTION: It is to safeguard both parties from any legal pitfalls and covers aspects of recovery process

'No backing down'

DETERMINED: We will not call off search, says Hishammuddin

Expert: Pilot may have attempted soft landing

KUALA LUMPUR: An aviation expert agreed with the opinion that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could be intact at the bottom of the Indian ocean, provided it hit the water at a 90-degree angle or made a soft landing.