Era of Lim Guan Engism


PENANG HYPOCRISY: He wants 'Allah' in the Malay Bible but can't even allow free usage of 'Penang'

PENANG chief minister Lim Guan Eng finds it irresistible to shove both feet into his big mouth with outlandish pronouncements that deliberately tries to stupefy the intellect -- or blindside people into another distraction.

The series of bizarre decrees he issued since manoeuvring his way into becoming chief minister hit another purple patch with this latest gem, that "Penang" cannot be adopted in any event without his or the Penang Government's expressed approval.

Whatever we make out of this "Penang" howler, it is a Lim decree. Everyone agrees that the Penang Government, as witnessed since 2008, is Lim's and Lim's alone to administer and blunder.

Everyone else, from the deputy chief minister, assemblyman and official, is a functionary whom we can imagine cannot conjure such a wacky proclamation.

Bemused lawyers have stated that there is no legal ground for organisers to seek state government approval to use "Penang" but we have to ask Lim: What legal provision did he dig up to justify his decree? Or did he file an application to patent or trademark "Penang"?

Isn't this the same guy who triggered the political firestorm in his demand that "Allah" can be printed in the Malay Bible in all ecclesiastical reference but then wimped out from the ensuing bitter discourse that place his Muslim Pakatan Rakyat partners in a very uncomfortable position?

If you want the authorities to open up the Malay Bible to the usage of Allah, which is provocative and injurious to the Muslim community, surely letting event organisers use "Penang" in a commercial venture works on the same principle of inclusivity.

But then, you are known to be a hypocrite. Consider it our good fortune that other menteris besar and chief ministers, including those of the Pas and PKR variety, do not think and act like Lim even if their administration of the states raise heckles and doubts.

If Lim's decree were to be followed, no one in Penang from now on can organise the Penang Whiners' Festival or Penang Faux Pas Forum or Penang Blunderers Symposium. They must seek Lim's approval.

Imagine if the prime Minister decreed that Malaysia (or 1Malaysia) can't be applied without the expressed permission of the Federal Government, Lim would probably be the first to mouth a derisive protest.

It is as if Lim wants to isolate Penang and invent the advent of a man can be his own island, to paraphrase the idea that no man is an island.

For a wayfaring politician born in Johor, built a political career in Malacca but booted out by his own people before landing fortuitously in Penang, the outsider in Lim seems determined to rebuild Penang in his own image and rule the state with both iron and ham-fisted tendencies.

That bunker mentality is evidently too pungent. Years of sniping the Federal Government from the trenches of opposition politics tutored by a like-minded father have derailed the idea of Lim as a statesmanlike chief minister working towards harmonious cooperation and understanding.

There seems to be no time-out from this guy: virtually every statement, from a New Year's message to a seasons greeting, is intoxicated with vile political venom. If two warring parties want to make peace, Lim is the last person to hire as the peacemaker.

Lim plays the victimology/persecution complex card right to the last drop but conveniently bray all forms of civil liberties which he himself blatantly ignores.

He cries free speech and press freedom, only to ban dissenting newspapers from covering his functions.

This is also the same pretender that insinuated the Federal Government as "Hitlerian" and on a par with the Mobarak regime without realising the irony that had his accusations been minutely true, he and his party would have long been wiped out off the face of the earth.

How prescient it was for that PKR man, Lim's second-in-command, to dub the chief minister as cocky, arrogant and a tokong (deity).

Just who do you think you are, Mr Lim, would have been Penangites' outraged riposte but we should confer it the era of "Lim Guan Engism".

In the end, Lim should be judged for what he really is: a man addled with an Orwellian instinct living out life as a major character (Napolean) from Animal Farm, George Orwell's brilliant take on fascism and hypocrisy.

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