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Harvesting for the rainy day

The only way to have water is to start collecting water

Honoured to serve

Once elected, representatives must see out their term conscientiously

Meaningful penalties

SPAD, the Land Public Transport Commission, has suspended the permits of 27 Transnasional express buses, all of them plying the east-north sector.

Testing to save lives

Make drug screening compulsory for some businesses

A New Deal's success

Incentives for head teachers is all part of move to improve quality of education

Not sweating the small stuff

Life is simply too fragile to fret over seemingly 'big matters'

New era in relations

FREE TRADE agreements are normally signed between nations not too economically unlike and provide to the signatories mutual advantages as they eliminate tariffs, import quotas and provide preferences on goods and services.

Save the beautiful game

FOOTBALL, or also known as soccer, is the sports with the largest following in the world and it best manifests the phenomenon of globalisation. More than in any other experience, football has shown itself capable of melting national borders down as supporters from all over the world follow specific teams, whether clubs or national. The approaching World Cup competition, to be staged in Brazil some couple of months away, is the best example of how meaningless national borders can become despite the teams themselves representing specific nations. Brazil, arguably the most popular team in the world, is again a hot favourite to take the Cup for the fifth time. The Brazilian footballers, too, can claim to have set the standards of skill in the game to turn it into what it is today. The legendary Pele, who later became a national politician, but with an international following as a footballer, was credited with the banana kick that sent a football on a curved path to bypass a wall of opponents and then to land spectacularly in the net.

Healthcare continuity

Making early symptoms the way forward for inculcating preventive medicine

Asean' s collective power

Enhancing regional dialogue platforms for enhanced security