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There must be a limit to political quarrelling

 THE most horrific thing about the Sulu intrusion on the east coast of Sabah is the possibility (though, hopefully, not probability) that the entire saga may have begun at the instigation of a fellow Malaysian or group of Malaysians. Certainly, even if the allegations (there are a few) prove untrue, the fear, anxiety and grief caused by the self-proclaimed Royal Sulu Army would still be just as real and palpable. But if the aggressors came in at the "invitation" of a Malaysian, whether working alone or in concert, it would be a betrayal beyond belief  -- an injury that is inflicted by what is supposed to be one's own side; the side we generally expect to be watching our backs, not stabbing it.

Naturally, there is nothing to be gained by the allegations being proved true. For, whichever side wins or loses the moral war, it is still Malaysia that loses. This "intrusion" has cost us the lives of not just two commandos and six policemen; these men were also sons, fathers, husbands, brothers,cousins and friends. It has threatened the safety of our brethren in Sabah, could affect relations between Malaysia and the Philippines, and will no doubt affect the lives of genuine Filipino immigrants here.

So, if there exists a Malay-sian who would visit such suffering on fellow Malaysians, this country has only to lose, because that says something about the state of our politics -- that a politician or politicians can stoop so low and commit such a dastardly act. Politicians are there to serve the people and the country; not subvert them. Such a selfish act has opened a Pandora's box that has released a many-headed hydra. And our poor men on the front line are paying for it with their lives. Anyone who thinks that inviting enemy combatants into the country can help win the elections has completely lost the plot.

It goes without saying that such an act is treasonous. So, any accusation of such an act is gravely serious -- even if it may seem like mere political finger-pointing at the start of the silly season. An accusation, even if it remains merely an accusation, is still hurtful, not just to the accused, but also to those who are at the front line, because it makes us doubt our trust in our national kinship, and this can be very demoralising. Nevertheless, even while we hope that none of the allegations are true, all of them should be thoroughly investigated, without prejudice, and the culprit, of either the alleged act or the act of alleging, must be brought to book and severely dealt with in accordance with the law.

Let us pray that no Malaysian has sunk so low.




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