GAMBLING: Crack down before it gets out of hand


I REFER to the report, "Dad brings son gambling" (NST, Jan 29) on a man found by a police raiding party to have brought along his son for gambling.

 The accompanying picture showed the father carrying his son, who was fast asleep, on his shoulders.

The report and  picture paint a grim reminder of the gambling malaise in our society.  

 Another report, "Number of women gamblers on the rise in Britain" (NST, Feb 5) showed a surge in gambling by British women on scratch cards, slot machines, lottery and online betting.

 Last year, there were reports of housewives in Johor frequenting the Marina Bay Sands casino across the Causeway. Special buses took these women from housing estates to the casino for free.      

 Gambling is a social ill that is quite prevalent among the  Chinese and  Indian communities in this country.

  The greed for money has tempted many, both young and old, to try their luck and chance on gambling.

They borrow large sums of money from Ah Long with the hope of winning at the  casinos. When they lose their money, they go into hiding and their families are held ransom and harassed by the loan sharks.

 Suicides, divorces and family break-ups are common among compulsive gamblers.

Low-wage earners gamble away their hard-earned money with a view to striking the jackpot. Families live in poverty and hardship because of gambling.

 Some people have virtually no control over the gambling demon and are a slave to it.

They become addicted to gambling. We need to have checks and balances for these gamblers.

 Samuel Yesuiah, Seremban, Negri Sembilan

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