GO GREEN: Take more veggies, go organic


I REFER to the column "Take heed, drop meat" (NST, Sept 6). I think it is the right thing to go vegetarian, for your health, if not for anything.

Whenever you choose processed, mass produced food, you may think you have got a bargain. But remember, you have also bargained your health.

The money you saved by buying those cheap foods will end up getting spent on improving your health. Those who have had to take care of a sick person, or have been ill themselves, know all too well that it takes time, effort and money. It affects the entire physical and emotional dynamics of any family.

To avoid going down that road, realise that you do have a choice on your health. Do yourself and your family a favour by becoming aware of what you put into your bodies.

Let us do these:

CUT meat consumption to once a week.

BUY seasonal and locally grown produce, and preferably from farmers' markets. When you buy from the farmers' markets, you are making a statement to all other food retailers that will hopefully influence them to rethink their retail strategy and give you, the consumers, what you want so that you will keep on buying from them.

GO ORGANIC when it comes to chicken, eggs and milk. Go organic all the way if you can. Processed food contains chemicals that are foreign to our body.

These chemicals end up in our liver, and a constant deposit of toxic substances in our liver will cause it to give up on us.

REDUCE fish consumption. Our oceans are overfished.

Remember, the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere not only advances global warming, but also raises the amount of gas dissolved in ocean waters. This makes the ocean more acidic, thus threatening sea life.

Lastly, reduce or refuse plastic bags; and eat as much greens as possible.

Buying greens from farmers’ markets will make other food retailers to rethink their retail strategy.

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