POLICE: Force's impartiality is what we need


THE assurance from the police that they work for all Malaysians and not for any political party is comforting to all of us. We believe the same sentiment is shared by our armed forces and look forward to a similar assurance.

We congratulate the police for their prompt action, identification and handling of exuberant, immature youths during the eve of the Merdeka Day celebrations.

Rude and vulgar behaviour should not be tolerated and the process of law cannot be compromised and must proceed.

The attempt to hand over a memorandum of protest by pro-Barisan Nasional non-governmental organisations to representatives of Parti Keadilan Rakyat at their headquarters on Sept 5 saw lewd signs and misbehaviour from members of both sides of the divide. Had the police not stepped in, a clash would have taken place.

Conscientious civil society views this and similar happenings that are taking place so often these days, what with the 13th general election coming up, with the gravest concern.

We do not want to see the nation descending into anarchy, as is happening in so many other nations.

We fall back on the police to honour its duty to the people and the nation, as well as identify those who brandished lewd signs and similar expressions, and took part in actions inviting violence.

They should be brought to book, without fear or favour.

We would like to see none spared, whoever they may be, whatever their connections are, and whichever side they may be supporting.

We are no longer willing to be caught in the middle by those with political interests and look forward to consistent and prompt action from our police.




Ghazali P.H. Kho, Petaling Jaya


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