POSTCODE: Give George Town the correct code


I WOULD appreciate it if Pos Malaysia could correctly use "George Town" in the postcode for Penang's capital instead of "Pulau Pinang".

The term Pulau Pinang, or Penang, should first mean, the state, over that of the island or, in Pos Malaysia's case, the capital.

Thus, the main post office on Downing Street should tactfully be referred to as Pejabat Pos Besar George Town, just as how it is for other state capitals.

While the National Registration Department states the postcode in our MyKad correctly (albeit spelt as Georgetown, without a space), it is a different story on the streets.

In Beach Street alone, the signs on the street, the police station and the Fire and Rescue Department, all have their postcodes respectively as 10300 P. Pinang, 10300 Timur Laut and 10300 Lebuh Pantai! They are all wrongly represented because the correct way of writing it is 10300 George Town.

When searching for a postcode on Pos Malaysia's website, "Georgetown" returned zero results and "Pulau Pinang" returned mostly post office postbox numbers.

Unlike postcodes for other towns and cities in Malaysia that can be searched from their names, the ones here have to be searched by way of the names of the individual roads.

Let me give a clearer example of what the situation is now, with a fictitious address.

If I am staying in Jalan Pasembor, 10100 George Town, then the postcode shown on the MyKad will be 10100 Georgetown. If I step out of my house and looked at the street sign, it will show 10100 P. Pinang.

Next, if I have a client searching for my postcode online by keying in words such as George Town, Georgetown and even Pulau Pinang, he will be unsuccessful. He has to, instead, key in "Jalan Pasembor" to get my postcode!

To all institutions, business establishments and residents in the capital, ask yourselves, do you not have an iota of pride that George Town is an Unesco World Heritage site?

No other city or town in Malaysia seems to have such an issue.

Therefore, let's get the postcodes in our world heritage site of George Town corrected and standardised.

A view of George Town from Bukit Gambir. No other city or town in Malaysia seems to have an issue over postcodes.

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