RELIGION: Stand united against hatred


"ALL are one. Be alike to everyone." These golden words were said around 2,000 years ago by Jesus. When this great quality is given up, evil in the form of hatred creeps into men and transforms them into demonic beings who indulge in wickedness.

This is what happened to Nakoula Basseley, who is said to be the man behind the making of the film Innocence of Muslims, a clip of which had been uploaded onto YouTube.

But this hatred has only brought him misery as he hides from the public for his actions.

In contrast, had he made a movie on Christians who joined hands in a circle to protect Muslims in Egypt during prayer time, he would have been much praised for this brilliant portrayal of love and respect among various religions.

Sadly, as Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus, Basseley betrayed the teachings of Jesus when he degraded Prophet Muhammad.

Muslims and non-Muslims are hurt by this trailer. Yes, I also state non-Muslims as they, too, have respect for the prophet and many of my friends have expressed anger and disappointment over it.

Anything that condemns religions must be treated as rubbish and rejected from our society.

On this matter, it must be stressed that all the world religions are under attack by extremists and atheists today who are bent on destroying the unity emerging among various religions.

These anti-religious elements have already penetrated society. Besides movies, there are books in the market that insult religions.

For example, Western authors have conjured up filthy and degrading theories regarding the birth of Jesus.

Then we have images holy to Hindus and Buddhists being stepped on via printed sandals and some of them printed on undergarments.

Even Sri Krishna is portrayed in sex magazines and Hindu goddesses depicted naked in paintings.

Hatred is spreading like wildfire. It's increasing between man and man, city and city, nation and nation. This crisis must end or else the future of man will be uncertain.

We must accept the fact that there are demonic people out there who cannot tolerate divinity and holiness. Let us not associate with these people as it will contaminate our minds.

Let us not fall in their traps as they want to see us fight in order to prove that religions bring nothing but harm. Let us all, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhist, Sikhs and all others, hold our hands together, stand united and show them the power of prayer, virtue, love and compassion. Let us all together reject extremism.

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