RELIGION: Where are the human beings with humanity?


I REFER to the current rage sweeping the globe about the uploading of clips from the film Innocence of Muslims. It insults the faithful of Islam.

But it is not the first of its kind. Such reactions are not confined to Islam alone, as history tells us.

This deserves a serious revisit in the light of humanity's role and responsibility given society's capability of bringing about total annihilation of life forms on earth.

Throughout the history of humanity, we have had numerous records of killing fellow humans simply because of religious sensitivities and fervour; we have killed, plundered, attacked, sabotaged, maimed, insulted, hurt and destroyed multitudes of those with beliefs different from our own.

All these were and continue to be committed in the name of "jihad" and "crusades". All these are done out of hurt, passion and in defence or out of a sense of duty.

We need to pause, reflect and come to terms with the realities of humanity's journey on earth.

Religions preach about love, forgiveness, justice and honour. Religions highlight the poison inherent in hatred, unforgiving hearts, injustice and disgrace.

Humans take great pride in thinking that they are the only species capable of reason and emotion. We are taught that we are the only species that is not a slave to instinct.

But animals and plants do not kill each other because of harm done to their respective Gods and the messengers of their Gods.

Many justifications will be tabled to explain why and what we must do in defence of our faiths.

To die in the name of our Gods seems to be the most supreme sacrifice one soul can make as he or she ploughs through the lives of others.

Stop. Let us be what we claim we are -- thinking, feeling humans.

Does the action or inaction of one man on the entire planet that we deem as wrong really ruin, discount or damage our faith?

If our faith is from the God we profess to believe in, how can one human damage, hurt and destroy what that God has given us? Are we then not contradicting our beliefs?

Maybe the reasoning is that we are the defenders of our faiths -- that we are also commanded to protect that faith even if it means soaking our hands with the blood of the villain. But then again, is this not akin to the animalistic beliefs of bygone eras where human blood could appease the gods?

Despite all the progress and development humanity claims to have achieved, we are still incapable of proving ourselves to be the most supreme beings.

Where are the learned, wise and enlightened leaders of our faiths? Why are they allowing themselves to be bulldozed by politicians who lay claim to be true defenders of our faiths?

We live no differently from the Dark Ages, the perilous times of the Crusaders or the Roman Empire -- all those eras of bloodshed when humans killed humans in the name of defending and saving humanity for the love of God.

We should feel ashamed to be a species that wages war against fellow humans in the name of our love or hatred for our Gods and messengers.

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