TEENS TOO FASHION FORWARD: Know your limits, dress appropriately


TEENAGE girls becoming increasingly preoccupied with fashion and the clothes they wear these days is an expression of the times and age we live in.

The modern day teenager  is caught up with the alluring world of fashion. The teenager enriches  her fashion sense by watching the fashion statements of movie stars. Some teenagers get inspiration from reading  magazines and blogs on the latest styles.

The teenager keeps abreast of the latest trends in clothes, shoes and accessories to keep up with her college friends so that she won't be ridiculed.

When teenagers are concerned about their appearance and  what they wear, they are more likely to be  confident, independent and adventurous. They enjoy and love life.

Young girls splurge on clothes, shoes and accessories because they get only one shot at this phase of their life -- the  age of innocence. Their youthful looks  come only once and if they do not dress up, they may live to regret it later.

Feeding their fashion sense are shopping malls and  boutiques that have an extensive  selection of clothes, shoes and accessories. So, these "sweet young things" flaunt themselves. It is a case of now or never.

However, teenagers should not be obsessed with fashion to the extent of  leaving a huge hole in one's pocket. They should realise that it is not what they wear but how they wear it that makes the difference.

Teenagers should also not wear provocative clothes  which leave little to the imagination and could result in molest and rape.

Teenagers need to fine-tune and keep up with the changing world of fashion, and know their limits and dress appropriately for their age.

 Samuel Yesuiah, Seremban, Negri Sembilan

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