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Kelantan superbikers roar into Johor Baru


RIDE ON: Kelantan-based Melor Bikers Club convoy through four states to promote promote Visit Kelantan Year 2012

  JOHOR BARU: IT was the stuff of epic journeys, as 20-odd superbikers from Kelantan made their way through four states, ending in Johor Baru.

    The riders, mainly from the Kelantan-based Melor Bikers Club (MBC), took the effort to meet superbikers in their own state of Kelantan,   Terengganu, Pahang and  Johor.

  The convoy, led by ride leader Mohd Ramzi Zakaria, took three days, and two nights, to promote this year's Visit Kelantan Year 2012 and also the up-coming Kelantan International Bike Week 2012 in July.

  Various motorcycles from 250cc to 1,400cc took part in the convoy.  

  They traversed about 800 kilometres in different kinds of weather from Kota Baru, before reaching their final destination in Johor Baru.  

  The convoy was partly funded by the Kelantan state government and saw two other superbike clubs promoting the  state's events in other states as well.

  Earlier, after arriving in the southern-most state, the riders made the effort to meet-up with local superbikers and also motorcycle enthusiasts.

  "We spent the night in Segamat and then made our way to Pagoh the next morning.

  "In Pagoh, we were met by a welcoming committee from the Muar Superbike Club who brought us to several areas, including a kenduri kahwin," said Mohd Ramzi when met here recently.

  The convoy then made its way down south towards Johor Baru.

  Part of the convoy was assisted by Berita Harian Johor bureau chief Ismail Mat who was astride his Honda Shadow 600 during the event.

  Upon reaching the Skudai toll plaza at about 4pm, several members of the Johor Motorcycle Association (Johor Bikers) met up with the convoy to marshall them to Kampung Kurnia in Kebun Teh.

  In Kampung Kurnia, the convoy members were brought to the wedding reception  of Johor Bikers president Abd Rahim Ahmad's daughter.

  Abd Rahim, or fondly known as Haji Rock to members, was at hand to welcome the guests from Kelantan.

  The members mingled with the Johor Baru bikers before adjourning to the TME motorcycle showroom in Skudai Kiri to shop.

  Shortly after that, the convoy participants then proceeded to their hotel in the same area to check-in.

  The evening activities continued with a teh tarik session, followed by sightseeing in Johor Baru before the participants adjourned for the night.

  Mohd Ramzi said the convoy was a memorable experience for the participants as it was the first time  many of them had set foot in Johor Baru.

  "In addition to that, the ride participants also made many new friends and contacts along the way, including Johorean Bike Club members such as the Muar Superbike Club and also the Johor Bikers," he said on the eve of their journey  back home

  The 40-year-old, who is also MBC president, said the event was a first of its kind for the club and they faced time  constraints.

  "Time was limited for many of us as we tried our best to meet all the bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts in the three states, especially in Johor," said Mohd Ramzi.

  Fellow participant, Che Hasmarizam Che Hasan, said the convoy was an eye-opener for him about Johor and Johoreans.

  "Due to the tight schedule, we did could not  visit several  landmarks in Johor Baru such as Danga Bay and also the new state administrative capital in Nusajaya.

  "But this will spur me to make a personal trip to Johor Baru in the near future as I have also made some friends here," said the 35-year-old teacher who is based in Kuala Krai, Kelantan.

Johor Bikers president Abd Rahim Ahmad (also known as Haji Rock) ( left) accepting a memento from MBC president Mohd Ramzi Zakaria.

MBC members promoting the Visit Kelantan Year 2012 and also the Kelantan International Bike Week 2012 to Johoreans.

The Melor Bikers Club taking a break in the coast of Johor before continuing their way down south to Johor Baru.

Biker friendship and camaraderie goes a long way regardless of where the biker comes from. Pix by ISMAIL MAT

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