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The storyline goes as it takes us deep into a high stakes thriller as Adam Cassidy played by Liam Hemsworth is an ambitious young up-and-comer in the tech industries who‘s been working at entry level for six years in a tech company owned by Nicholas Wyatt.

Envious and decepted, he is determined to change his life around. With a sick father to care for, he is constantly struggling to balance both duties as a son and a good employer with neglecting both responsibility.

When he and his team was fired from their jobs at Wyatt Corporation after their hopes on pitching an opportunity on a new software was shot down, Adam and his hipster nerds decides to party the pain away using their project money.

The next day, Wyatt summoned Adam to his office and proposes a faustain bargain, where Wyatt won‘t press charges IF he agrees to become a mole in his rivals company, Eikon owned by Wyatt‘s former mentor and now business enemy, Harrison Ford.

Sucked in a world of wealth and possibilities, Adam finds himself in deep ocean when he is tangled into a world of corporate deception and is soon in danger for his well being and ultimately realizes he must find a way out from this mess.

The movie, however, lacked thriller and it seems to be an average but utterly undercooked effort. It is also one of the least paranoid paranoid thrillers that you will experience.

Some might disagree with me but it could‘ve been better in terms of suspense. Although, it had a good but cliche storyline, but well understood by audience.

Paranoia had decent moments and a promise of a thriller ecstasy, but it delivers as a damp squib which is memorable for all things that is wrong. Although the movie wasn‘t as great, the cast portrayed the cast well and easily understood for audiences.


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