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4,806 people detained under 'Op Cantas' as of 6am


KUALA LUMPUR: As of 6am today, the police have detained 4,806 people from the 122,255 individuals screened since 'Ops Cantas' was mounted nationwide last month to eradicate secret societies and individuals linked to serious crimes.

Bukit Aman Secret Societies, Anti-Vice and Gambling (D7) division assistant principal director Datuk Abdul Jalil Hassan said in the operation, 221 weapons, including firearms and homemade guns, were seized.

"The arrests were for various offences, including possession of firearms, and involved individuals wanted for criminal activities and being members of secret societies.

"We also seized 10 firearms, homemade airguns (10), fake guns (three), homemade guns (10), bullets (11), bullet casing (one), swords (21), knives (68), machetes (45), axes (six), metal rods (12), knuckle dusters (nine), wood clubs (four), kerambit (seven), spanners (three) and a sheathed machete," he said when contacted by Bernama today.

On the seizure of vehicles and motorcycles, Abdul Jalil said from the 75,575 inspected, 222 were identified as stolen. They comprised 115 cars, motorcycles (83) and others (24).

Meanwhile, the home ministry revealed that the heads of underworld gangs, namely 'Gang 04', 'Gang 08' and 'Gang 36' were still active in their respective areas.

'Gang 04' is also known as 'Tiram Sasi' in Johor; Sungai Way Sugu (Kuala Lumpur); Green Line Samy (Penang); Prai Bala (Penang); and Langkap Sasi (Perak), Selvam (Batu Gajah), among others.

'Gang 08' is also known as Indren or Jiva in Penang; Dark (Kuala Lumpur); Siva Guru (Kuala Lumpur); Muthu (Ipoh); Skey (Johor); Shoby (Kuala Lumpur); and, Gobi (Kuala Lumpur).

'Gang 36', meanwhile is also known as Cendol Kanna/Ratenan/Devan/Santhanem (Kuala Lumpur); Kajang Balan (Kajang); Seremban Denial (Seremban); Pelai (Taiping); M.G. Buntong (Perak), Satia (Perak), Kajang Kalai (Kajang); Ulu Tiram Api/Rama (Johor Baharu), Sadam/Satish (Butterworth); Arvin (Kulim); Avi @ Avinash (Kulim and Kuala Lumpur) and Alavanthan (Kulim).

'Ops Cantas' began on Aug 17 to eradicate secret societies and invidivuals involved in violent crimes, murder, robbery, rape and fights.

The home ministry had earlier banned 49 secret societies for carrying out activities which could harm public order such as drug trafficking, blackmail, murder, fights and turf wars.

Meanwhile in PASIR MAS, Kelantan police are working with their Thai counterparts to flush out criminals and secret society members fleeing to neighbouring countries, via the Malaysia-Thai border.

Kelantan police deputy chief Datuk Mazlan Lazim said the state police held a meeting with the Thai police recently.

In that meeting, the Thai side agreed to exchange information on the crackdown on criminal activities.     "The border areas have become the focus of suspects and secret society members attempting to sneak out of the country.

"We hope the cooperation will help resolve the problem," he told reporters at Rantau Panjang here today.     -

Meanwhile in ALOR SETAR, the police detained three men and seized a pistol and six machetes during an 'Ops Cantas' raid at a house in Taman Permai, Sungai Petani this morning.

Kedah police chief Datuk Ahmad Ibrahim said based on a tip-off, a CID team from the state police contingent headquarters (IPK) raided the house at 2.30am.

He said police found a Browning pistol, four 9mm bullets, six long machetes, several packets of heroin weighing 14 grammes, laptop and seven mobile phones, among others.

He said the three suspects, in their 20s and 30s, who sported tattoos on their bodies, were suspected to be 'Gang 35' members.

"Further investigations would be carried out to check if they were involved in 'Gang 35' which is active in Sungai Petani and Kuala Ketil," he told a media conference at Kedah police headquarters here today.

Ahmad said in the raid, the three suspects from Kuala Ketil, Kedah and Butterworth, Penang tried to escape but were caught by police.

"From initial investigation, we found one of the suspects was wanted by police for three criminal cases," he said.

Meanwhile, Kedah CID chief ACP Nashir Ya said since 'Ops Cantas' was launched, 285 people were arrested for various criminal offences.

"As of yesterday, we have detained 13 people and seized two pistols, seven rifles, two hand guns and six machetes." -- BERNAMA

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