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Cars parked along Jalan 3, Subang Baru, which is causing inconvenience to others.

A RESIDENT in Jalan 3, Taman Subang Baru, has built several partitions in his house and is renting them out, causing inconvenience to neighbours.

A resident, who wanted to be known only as Farysa, said there was now limited parking space in the residential area.

“Most of the tenants own cars. Since the house does not have a porch, they park the cars in any available space, including spots between the houses.

“It is difficult for us to find a spot to park. Sometimes, I take Uber or Grab to go out due to this parking problem.

“I am not sure if the house owner is allowed to carry out that type of renovation, which requires extra parking space due to the increase in cars.

“I hope the Shah Alam City Council looks into the matter.”


The Shah Alam City Council said any form of extension or renovation required approval from the council.

“The house owner must send his application to the council for approval.”

He advised the public  to contact the council’s Building Department at 03-5510 5133 (ext 1209) for guidelines before renovating their premises.

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