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A reader complaint that his MyKad Touch ‘n Go card is faulty after replacing it. File pic by MOHD ASRI SAIFUDDIN MAMAT.

A COMMUNICATIONS executive finds it puzzling that he has to replace his MyKad, which comes with the Touch ’n Go feature, twice as the payment facility is not functional.

“I changed my MyKad  last month when I found out the feature was not working.”

The executive said: “However, the second MyKad, which I recently changed, was also faulty.

“If the MyKad with Touch ’n Go can get faulty easily, why bother having the Touch ’n Go function in it?” the executive, who wanted to be known only as Ken, told Actionline.

He said he was then told to buy a normal Touch ’n Go card.

“I already have one. This MyKad with Touch ’n Go is just a back-up, in case I do not take the normal card with me.”


A Touch ’n Go spokesman, when contacted, said it had control only of the usage of the card.

“If it is due to a faulty chip, the matter should be directed to the National Registration Department (NRD) as the production and issuance of Touch ’n Go are managed by it and its supplier.

“Touch ’n Go has no control and is not involved in the supply chain.”

NRD advised Ken to take the  faulty MyKad to an NRD office.

“It is an unusual case and it depends on how you take care of the MyKad. 

“He can take the faulty MyKad to the nearest NRD office so that we can check it.”

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